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Sometimes there is a situation when you need to cut out a certain moment from a song or another recording. And besides, it should be possible to do it quickly, without any difficulties associated with a long study of the program. That's when mp3DirectCut comes to the rescue - a product that will be described a little further down. The application takes up only 284 kilobytes, it is free and allows you to achieve results in a matter of moments.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • A simple, convenient, and easy-to-understand program interface;
  • Availability of additional features that enhance sound;
  • Completely free to use;
  • Small size;
  • Includes a reference component and a "Frequently Asked Questions" page in the installation;
  • The program works in any version of Windows, including even Windows XP and Windows.
  • Unfortunately, it only supports working with the MP3 format;
  • Volume boost is limited to 1.5 dB;
  • ID3v2 tag cannot be read;
  • The program documentation is relatively large, but does not cover all cases;
  • Possible appearance of distortions.

More about mp3DirectCut

mp3DirectCut is characterized by an intuitive interface, without unnecessary functions. The program's time scale allows you to accurately cut the necessary fragment from the audio recording.

In addition to cutting, the program has a number of other functions and capabilities. First of all, it allows you to record sound using a microphone connected to a PC. The resulting recording is saved in MP3 format.

The program allows you to normalize the sound and find pauses in the recording. During normalization, the audio recording achieves a uniform sound. Detected pauses (silence spots) can be marked for easier work with the recording file.

The application provides options to change the volume and add smooth fading/increasing of volume in specially marked sections. The volume can be changed over a fairly wide range.

In mp3DirectCut, you can view basic information about the recording and edit ID3 tags (title, author, album, etc.).

It should be noted that all audio operations are performed using the computer mouse. The user only works with manipulation of individual parts of the MP3 file, as the program does not serve as a full-fledged editor.

Working with audio fragments in mp3DirectCut is extremely simple and versatile. The user can not only cut specific moments, but also copy and paste them elsewhere, and even modify the volume. Previewing and undoing made changes is also possible.

And the final interesting feature is that the finished file can be used as a ringtone by setting it on a mobile phone or smartphone.

So, if you are someone who values their own time and does not want to waste it on larger and more powerful audio editors, then mp3DirectCut is your choice! The program is so simple that it can even help a beginner quickly trim a song fragment without studying additional guides or instructional videos.

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