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One simple and popular platform for creating 2D and 3D games is the Godot Engine. This open-source game engine allows you to create projects from scratch, even for people who have no experience in programming, but want to develop games.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight Software
  • The interface is intuitive to use for programmers and designers alike
  • The engine is constantly being developed and maintained
  • Extensive documentation available to developers
  • High-level scripting language
  • 2D engine that can transform and resize sprites, create physics and collision systems and easily animate
  • 3D engine works with OpenGL ES 2, so it is compatible with all types of rendering effects, lighting (HDR), and antialiasing
  • Allows you to import 3D models from popular environments such as Blender, Maya, and 3D Studio Max.
  • Available as a completely free, open source alternative
  • New lighting technology does not yet capture dynamic objects
  • Limited toolset

More about Godot Engine

Godot Engine is cross-platform - projects can be created on many devices, and it is possible to port the finished game to almost any operating system. From Windows to Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

The engine works with three programming languages: in addition to the classic C and C ++, Godot uses a language of its own creation, GDScript. This language is based on Python and is designed only for game development - it simplifies code writing, and the process is optimized and tailored for game mastering.

There are two options for creating your own game:

  • With VisualScript. The scripting system allows Godot Engine users to develop projects without knowledge of the basics of coding - the process of creating a game is focused on visual development. Thus, even a novice developer can create products without learning hours of programming principles. However, especially for beginners there is a huge number of training videos on the web - the Godot community is actively developing.
  • Using an IDE. For advanced coders, there is an IDE-base and a code editor, allowing even experienced programmers to work effectively with the Godot Engine. Unfortunately, the engine supports few programming languages.

Thus, Godot Engine is a simple and easy-to-use game engine and editor that can be used even without knowledge of coding. It is convenient for beginners, but can also be used by experienced programmers: although you should not expect AAA-level products, Godot is definitely useful for novice developers because of its versatility and cross-platform.

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