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Unity 3D is a popular game engine for developing 2D and 3D projects. After the end of support for Adobe Flash Player, Unity 3D remains the only major player in the development of browser games. However, the designer has the functionality to develop not only browser-based applications.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Multi-platform
  • Maximum ease and convenience of game creation
  • Includes various software - text editor, compiler, debugger, etc.
  • Possibility to develop games without any special knowledge
  • Component-oriented approach
  • Allows to draw maps and arrange objects in real time and immediately test the result.
  • Availability of a huge library of assets and plugins
  • Support for a huge number of platforms, technologies and APIs
  • Solid state physics, ragdoll and textiles, Level of Detail system, collisions between objects, complex animations
  • Slowness of complex, heavy projects
  • Unity apps are quite heavy
  • Creating complex games requires knowledge of C# to write scripts and components and implement them in the game

More about Unity 3D

There are 2 versions of the program:

  • Free - provides app development only for Android, PC and browser games.
  • Full purchase - provides multiplatform functionality for mobile devices, browsers, desktops, consoles and VR-helmets. Also, there is an option to adjust the interface to your own needs.

None of the versions of Unity 3D has Russian localization - you need to know English to use it comfortably. Also, Unity 3D supports two programming languages - C# and jаvascript. The developer will have to study one of them perfectly, and own the other one at least at basic level. The fact is that although the choice of language is present, some functions are available only in one of the proposed. Or, the task is simplified when it is done in a different language.

The interface works on the principle of "Drag and Drop" - a graphical environment is suitable for beginners, while the text editor will interest advanced programmers. Physical calculations are done using PhysX from NVIDIA.

The key features of Unity 3D are two things:

  • Occlusion Culling - does not render animations and geometry of objects outside the player's field of view, thereby removing the load on the CPU.
  • Level Of Detail - adjusts the detail of objects away from the player, a function configured by the developer mainly to improve performance by reducing the detail.

Thus, Unity 3D has the necessary functionality for full-fledged three-dimensional development, being a convenient constructor for both professionals and beginners. The community of this designer occupies a huge niche - more than half of 3D projects at the moment are written on the Unity engine. Of course, this engine can't compete with AAA projects on Unreal Engine - Unity 3D is still not optimized enough for colorful best-sellers. However, for 2D and 3D game development, especially for indie projects, Unity 3D is the best fit.

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