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MediaGet is a program designed to locate and download files of any type from various sites. It is installed on your computer and added to specified browsers as an extension that finds media files and other objects available for saving and downloads them at your request. Mediaget combines the functionality of a download manager and a torrent client.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Supports all known torrent trackers
  • Access to private peer-to-peer networks
  • Built-in download player for your PC or laptop able to play all popular formats
  • Allows you to search for seeds directly in the program window
  • No need to upload files, download at maximum speed
  • Allows you to download and watch from a download source at the same time
  • MediaGet has the biggest tracker base of its kind
  • Shows user reviews, preview of content is available
  • Intuitive interface, Russian language support
  • Sometimes MediaGet is blocked by antivirus or firewall filter
  • High risk of viruses from open torrent trackers without proper protection through free software

More about MediaGet

MediaGet provides the following features:

  • download files of any type from sites where this is not provided (except those with special protection) - images, videos and whole movies, audio, installation packages, etc;
  • search for files by name by typing them into the search line in the program (there are filters by format, duration, size, etc.);
  • sort files by type and category (movies, TV shows, games, programs, books, etc.);
  • select movies, TV shows, and games by category (genre, release year, rating, etc.);
  • use the utility as a browser plugin (in this case you do not need to copy the links and transfer them to the program manually, the
  • corresponding button will appear directly on the open page next to the selected content);
  • download several files at once, arrange them by speed, volume, and priority, and group them;
  • play media even before the download is complete (there is a built-in media player, but you can also open it with other applications that support streaming downloads);
  • view additional information about the files, if available (subtitles, lyrics, creation data, etc.).

MediaGet is a handy program for downloading media from the Internet. It works both directly from the browser (when it detects files suitable for saving, an active "Download" button appears next to it with the option to select the desired parameters), and from its own window, where you can search for what you need manually. It interacts with torrentdistributions, social networks and other sites where there is no special protection.

17 votes2.8

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