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IZArc is an archiving program that allows you to unpack and create archives in many different formats ( ACE, JAR, RPM, BZA, ENC, A, ZOO, MDF, CDI, IMG, CPIO, GZA, ISO, 7-ZIP, BZ2, ARC, CAB, TBZ, BIN, PDI, TAZ, WAR). It has many advanced features, including recovery of damaged archives, searching for files inside archives, password protection of archive contents, integration with anti-virus software and automatic sending files via e-mail. The program interface is similar to that known from Windows Explorer (with which IZArc can be integrated).


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • You can download Izarc for free
  • Converts self-extracting archives into normal archives
  • Supports Cyrillic characters in RAR archives
  • Interacts with file explorer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Encrypts via AES 256-bit key
  • Automatic anti-virus scanning is possible

More about IZArc

Compressed archives have been used for a long time because they are efficient when exchanging data over the Internet. They take up less space than working with multiple files, and a compressed archive can contain an array of both files and folders.

Various features are involved in IZArc. These include:

  • multivolume sets;
  • encryption;
  • virus scanning;
  • the ability to create an EXE file that will extract all compressed files if you double-click the icon.

When you use IZArc, you will be able to work with many formats. These include ZIP, RAR, ACE and many others. The program has been thoroughly tested and works with many formats and compression algorithms. This means that for most of what you need, this program will be able to open almost any type of file.

IZArc is a powerful compression utility with a variety of tools that can help you with the files you work with on a regular basis. Especially when you have a habit of sharing data online, you need a way to open all the files and folders that have been sent to you. Whether you use the file on your computer or decide to save it in a portable format on a USB drive, the program will work the same way.

Recent changes to the program have brought more advantages. Unlike UNIX, the DOS path separator is used and files are handled more efficiently if there are certain characters in the name.

IZArc also has many other options necessary for modern archivers, including:

  • testing and restoring archives;
  • emailing archived files;
  • checking files with external antivirus;
  • the program integrates with Windows Explorer;
  • and can also be accessed from the context menu.

Today, hard drives are larger and cheaper, so many people never compress anything. Compression ratios for several file types from file compression software vendors have equalized.

Despite this, IZArc remains popular among users who compress a lot of files because it is faster. Most of us get our files from someone else. The more files your "someone" compresses, the more likely you are to run into some files in different formats.

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