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Dr. Web CureIt! is a utility for treating personal computers from viruses, trojans, and other malicious scripts from the globally renowned developer of antivirus software, Dr. Web. Since 2005, the program has been available for download to all internet users and does not require a license activation key. Thus, the utility will be absolutely free for those who use a PC at home. To download it, you need to provide your email address on the developer's website and agree to send data related to the utility's functioning. After that, a download link for the antivirus will be sent to the specified email address.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Simplicity and user-friendly interface that doesn't overwhelm with unnecessary settings;
  • Efficiency against viruses and other malicious programs;
  • No fee for installation.
  • The program does not automatically scan downloaded files and the system, which creates a system security threat, and manually checking every downloaded document or program is inconvenient.
  • Dr. Web CureIt! does not work without updating the databases, so you have to repeat the entire process of downloading the utility and download a new version, which takes a while.

More about Dr.Web CureIt!

Dr. Web CureIt!, first and foremost, is a program designed to treat a personal computer that has already been infected with a virus. However, the application also has the ability to scan files located not only on the computer's hard drive or solid-state drive, but also on external storage devices (USB flash drives, optical discs, SD cards, etc.) connected to the device. Scanning scenarios can be chosen at the user's discretion: to search through all system files, select a specific folder, archive, or text document downloaded from the internet - the user decides. In addition, there is the ability to create exceptions, which will not be checked by the utility. For example, if the antivirus "complains" about a completely safe program, it can be added to the exceptions, and during the scanning of computer files, the antivirus will skip this program.

Dr. Web CureIt! significantly differs from other antivirus programs. What are these differences?

Unlike other virus fighters that continuously scan the user's device, control program activity, and constantly update databases throughout their work, CureIt! is more like a "lifesaver" needed when the PC owner senses something wrong with their device. Dr. Web CureIt does not require installation, and after downloading, the application starts with just a double click of the mouse. The utility does not update its databases online (they are downloaded once and forever and are located in the program's .exe file) and does not run in the background mode.

Dr. Web CureIt! is a convenient free utility that can easily handle viruses that have infected a computer and scan files selected by the user. However, it does not work in the background mode and does not monitor program activity. This antivirus is perfect for those who do not visit suspicious websites and for users who need the full power of their device. After all, similar programs consume computer resources, which is critical for weak machines. For everyone else who is concerned about the security of their data, it is better to purchase a full-fledged antivirus package.

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