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The versatile application "Transparent Clock and Weather" is an informative widget that displays a detailed weather forecast and the exact time of the time zone. The application is designed for Android mobile devices.


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Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • There is no need for a large amount of RAM to install and use this application.
  • The application only requires internet access to work.
  • The weather forecast is provided with detailed information.
  • The weather conditions are presented in a convenient and visual graphical form.
  • There is an option to choose the interval for updating the weather conditions (from minutes to hours).
  • There is a variety of widgets available, on which you can not only install weather and time data, but also additional service information - notifications and functions can be customized according to personal preferences.
  • The application is available in different languages.
  • No drawbacks or any negative aspects have been noted by users in their reviews of the application.

More about Transparent clocks and weather

There are many similar applications that provide weather data and time, but "Transparent Clock and Weather" stands out for its functional characteristics and pleasant interface. The app's settings allow for displaying a large amount of information.

One of the main functional characteristics is the ability to choose a provider for obtaining weather forecast data, including precipitation, wind speed, and other information. The ability to choose is convenient due to significant differences in weather forecasts from different sources.

Another distinctive feature of this application is the thematic change in the interface's appearance depending on the weather conditions.

Through the "Transparent Clock and Weather" app, you can obtain the following information:

  • Exact time;
  • Hourly weather forecast;
  • Air temperature with the option to choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit;
  • Atmospheric pressure;
  • Air humidity;
  • Wind speed and direction;
  • Precipitation levels.

In addition, this application provides additional information about moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, day length, visibility conditions, and other parameters.

An important function for many users is the ability to set an alarm, calendar events, and the day of the week. The app also displays various system information, such as battery level, available memory, and other data.

Transparent Clock and Weather app for Android is easy to use and contains a lot of necessary information. Settings allow you to customize the application and widget appearance according to your personal preferences and desired parameters.

Receiving weather forecasts for each day and for the coming days you can easily plan outdoor activities.

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