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The application is compatible with most professional filters, such as Photoshop filters. Various internal plugins allow you to convert pictures to other formats, which is always useful. It is convenient when you can start a picture in almost any format and convert it to another format at once in one application.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Small size of the installation file
  • Working speed. The program opens all formats instantly, and it takes only a few seconds to finish processing video
  • Support for a huge number of formats, including 3FR, ASF, MOV, MPEG, NEF, XCF, DAT and many others
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Full set of photo editing options
  • Rotate and zoom in on images
  • Remove red-eye from photos
  • The program is closed source

More about IrfanView

When you start the program, you will immediately see the Main Menu, through which all the work takes place, On the left of it will be a browse of folders to find the necessary images. When you select a folder, a photo thumbnail will appear to see if it is the right picture. If it is the picture you want to open, a double click will open it and you can observe it in a separate edit window.


The program provides the following features:

  • Support for a huge number of formats, more than 90.
  • Instant opening of any files.
  • Ability to create screenshots within the program.
  • Conversion (conversion) of a file into another format.
  • Quick and easy editing of files.

Simplicity and speed of the program just amazes many users. Minimalistic interface allows you to quickly understand the application, even for users who have not used similar programs. All files open instantly without any delays. The final reason to choose this program is the ability to use almost all image formats. Whichever service you use, if it needs a photo, IrfanView will help in its preparation.

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