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iTunes is a versatile program for Windows computers, developed by Apple. It serves not only as a platform for purchasing and playing music, movies, podcasts, and audiobooks, but also as a tool for interacting with iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The application is available on the developer's website and is distributed for free.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Extensive library of content.
  • Convenient interaction with iPhone and iPad. Purchased content can be played on a large screen, while the device itself can be updated. Or make a backup of its data.
  • Unstable application performance. For example, laptop users may encounter an error where all text disappears throughout the entire application. This can be resolved by restarting the program and... unplugging the laptop from the power socket. Only after doing so, iTunes can be relaunched. If power is restored to the device while iTunes is running, the text will no longer disappear. Errors may also occur during synchronization with iPhone.

More about iTunes

iTunes is a player that gives Windows users access to Apple services. Apple Music subscription is available for purchase on iTunes, providing over 100 million ad-free tracks. It is also possible to purchase individual songs. In addition to music, iTunes offers a variety of movies (including exclusive Apple productions) that can be purchased or rented. It also has podcasts, most of which are free.

The application works not only with online services but also with physical music media - CD discs. iTunes allows you to copy audio files from them to your own media library, and you can access them even without a CD.

However, music, movies, and other entertainment are not the only components of iTunes. Another important task of the program is working with Apple gadgets.

  • One of the most popular features of the application is creating a backup for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Such a backup will contain photos, passwords, conversations, list of installed applications, desktop icon arrangement, etc. This is not the only way to make a backup of the device, as there is also the iCloud service. However, the free space in the cloud is limited to 5 GB, so it is better to make a backup on a personal computer. Backup is required in various cases, such as before a major iOS (iPadOS) update, device restoration, or purchasing a new device.
  • The application can update and restore iPhone, iPad (iPod Touch no longer supports new iOS versions). Updating the OS through a computer can be more convenient if the internet connection speed is more stable on a PC. It is better to update the device using a computer when you want to try out the iOS update as one of the first in the world. Unlike iTunes, iOS does not immediately detect the release of an update, and the download begins at different times for each user, although the difference is small.
  • iTunes allows syncing movies, music, photos, documents, and more with iPhone (and other iOS devices). In other words, users can download media files to their devices, as well as view and delete them when needed.

iTunes is a somewhat controversial program. On the one hand, it is a convenient (but not essential) tool for updating and backing up iPhones and iPads. On the other hand, it is an endless catalog of music, movies, books, and podcasts. But the price for a single song can be steep - on average, a track costs 22 rubles. A dozen tracks alone already costs a significant amount. The same goes for movies and books. Few people will want to pay for something that is available for free download. The impracticality of purchasing music and movies for the user makes iTunes a narrow-focused application exclusively for owners of "Apple" devices.

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