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The perception of the video footage depends to a large extent on its processing, and with the growth of cloud technology, special utilities have become in demand not only for professional but also for amateur videotaping.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • High quality video and audio editing
  • Professional non-linear video editing program
  • Trimming function for better frame alignment when stitching video clips together
  • Support for numerous video formats, including HD, HDV and Flash Video
  • Real time video processing and editing
  • You can import quality video into Adobe Premiere Pro from any source
  • Access Adobe Premiere Pro space from anywhere via the cloud with the ability to import and export objects
  • Easily create and edit high quality video with subtitles, add special effects, metadata, etc.
  • Runs only 30 days for free

  • Rendering video clips in 4k and processing heavy video and audio formats requires the most powerful processor

More about Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the most versatile programs Adobe Premiere Pro includes not only versatile options for editing both video and audio content, but is also stable while working. You can have no fear of unexpected freezes or crashes.

Video editor features:

  • maximized user interface is arranged compactly and thoughtfully, but it has no fixed location and lends itself to user customization;
  • trimming option qualitatively mounts recording joints , both mouse and keyboard can be used for user convenience;
  • the ability to record audio directly in real time;
  • the availability of "hot keys" minimizes the time for file processing;
  • the effect control option allows you to superimpose templates, change the properties, and overlay special effects on each other;
  • the option of quick formation of commands in the form of a list with subsequent correction;
  • saving the selected configuration of the working field for further work;
  • a lot of different gradients for making text inscriptions: gloss, opacity, shadows, etc;
  • integration with other products of the brand;
  • synchronization of software work in multi-user mode;
  • optimization of the file to the required size for placement on social networks;

Modern and technologically advanced video platform Adobe Premiere Pro meets all the requirements even of demanding professionals, stable operation and the most advanced features make it the most popular in the processing of video and audio content.

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