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In the era of computer technology and automation, some processes require documents in digital format. It is now a must at any enterprise or organization. Virtually everything is now being digitized. It is much more convenient because it is easier to work with a digitized document. It is easier to correct some mistakes, make changes, delete unnecessary things and add important ones. And no one can see these changes. That is why the main problem at the moment is digitization of documents. This is quite a complicated and time-consuming process. You have to type in each document manually on the computer. This is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Maintaining the original font structure
  • Ability to recognize all kinds of text documents optically
  • Capability of batch processing of different documents
  • Free program Cuneiform, provides fast and effective character and text recognition
  • Conversion of electronic graphic documents and also paper documents into an editable form.
  • Cognitive Technologies developer, periodically updates the recognition algorithms of the utility
  • User-friendly interface of Ocr Cuneiform program, has Russian language menu sections
  • Conversion of different text, graphic files and photocopies of faxes into editable file formats for Microsoft Office package
  • Adaptive content recognition
  • Cuneiform may slow down in the process of document recognition

More about CuneiForm

CuneiForm is designed to recognize any text in an image and translate it into text format for further processing.

This program has its own features and capabilities. The most important among them are the following:

  • After recognition, the program doesn't just give out a set of characters. It retains the entire format and structure of the document.
  • It has no problem recognizing any table, even if there is no table grid.
  • The program has a huge number of different fonts in its library. That is why it can recognize printed text on another computer as well as text from magazines, newspapers, books, etc.
  • High quality of digitization. Specifically, the program can recognize images of rather poor quality. It can be scuffed pages of a book, a document printed on a bad printer, a low-quality photocopy.
  • CuneiForm understands not only English and Russian. There are more than 20 languages in its library. This allows you to digitize a document from abroad, books in foreign languages, etc.
  • The platform also has a large dictionary, which can always be expanded. To do this, you need to import new words into the program's dictionary. After that, it will be able to recognize correctly all the text without errors.

This program is available on free resources. It works well on all versions of the operating system Windows. Installation is quite simple and any PC user can cope with it. And it does not require any special knowledge.

There are russified versions of the program in which it will be much more convenient and easier to work. Thus, with the help of CuneiForm platform you can quickly and efficiently translate any document or book from a paper format into a digital one. Further processing of such documents is possible in any text programs, including Microsoft office, notepad, etc. This will help save considerable time and effort. The platform very rarely makes mistakes in the text. Often it happens when it recognizes an unfamiliar language or individual words. It is possible to correct this by adding the necessary to the library of the program through the "import" button. You can also download the dictionary with an unfamiliar language on the Internet absolutely free.

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