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ArchiCAD demonstrates an innovative approach to architectural design: the architect designs the project, while the app automatically builds the document package. While you build the walls, place the slabs, make the windows and doors, the app generates a common database of 3D models of the building.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Designed for structural design
  • Complete set of tools for creating drawings, specifications and three-dimensional models
  • Built-in graphical editor
  • Access to pre-designed databases
  • Collision detection function
  • Fast save option at any stage
  • Intelligent tools for free modeling of buildings
  • New BIM Server technology for project collaboration
  • Construction of glass frame structures and curvilinear elements
  • High system requirements
  • OpenGL 2.0 and higher required
  • 30 days Demo mode
  • Requires a minimum of 5GB of free disk space
  • Windows XP and Vista support has been deprecated as of ArchiCAD 18

More about ArchiCAD

When you start it first of all, notice a rather unusual interface with a lot of different functions. For people who are not close with the graphics editors and previously with similar programs they have not worked, at first you will have to suffer to understand all the functions of the program.

The work area, located in the center, gives the opportunity to consider the projected object simultaneously from different sides, which are attached to the corresponding windows with a list of various functions. Above and to the left are the key features which allow you to edit graphics of different kinds, outlines and with any objects. On the right is the command line, where you can watch the progress of all the applied commands, and in case of particular need to edit them.

The application allows you to make heavy in the design of objects from nothing. In this case, a large database containing all the information and standards according to state standards, increases the speed of work. Also, thanks to Archikad, the construction becomes much more reliable.

In addition, it is possible to visually arrange both internal objects of the building and external. One of the useful features is the creation of signatures and markings, which can be transferred to a separate document during long work. This makes the process more convenient, especially during the formation of technical justification. In addition, it is possible to print individual sections of drawings without affecting the integrity of the overall full document.

The main features include the following functions:

  • Editing information in any stage of the design. Due to this it is possible to edit the data and parameters that are fixed both in the drawing and in the application documentation, so that the work is accelerated in times.
  • All the basic work regarding the selection and arrangement of individual elements of a building is undertaken by the application itself, showing their most reliable positions in relation to the strength of the entire structure.
  • You have the opportunity to work out and change every detail in the design of the three-dimensional model in real time.
  • The tools that help you visualize the data are easy to learn. To get a three-dimensional model of an object you will not need any special programming skills - you just need to click on the area in the "3D-window", and the program visualizes your object in 3D. In addition, Archicad is not at all difficult to create a video, a virtual reality scene.
  • The application allows you to develop and print albums of drawings. Auto numbering, GOST standard and editable versions of sheets will save your precious minutes, and all objects of the Virtual Building in an automated mode will be transferred to the drawings and tables of reports.
  • The application provides an opportunity to structure and build simultaneous cooperation on a project of one group or several in a large design office.

It is now difficult to imagine the work in design without special programs. Moreover, such programs have become much easier and more intuitive to learn, even for someone who is not familiar with graphic editors. Let the first time you will not be so easy to understand the full range of possibilities of Archicad, but once you understand it, you will realize how much easier and faster it will make your work.

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