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Recovering lost data can often be a real challenge for the user. Especially if it was a very important file, a copy of which does not exist. Information can be deleted from the computer due to incorrect operation of the operating system or its failure. Today there are many utilities for data recovery. One of them is R-Studio. It copes with its task better than other similar resources.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Recovering data lost due to system crashes and malicious attacks
  • Create an image of the disk or a part of it
  • Data is available to be stored on a network drive after the recovery process
  • Supports most file systems
  • Special modules for reconstruction and copying
  • Built-in NTFS file editor
  • Recovery of disk partitions after reformatting
  • Data recovery via remote access
  • Administrator rights are required to install the program

  • Conditional free software

More about R-Studio

This program is becoming increasingly popular among personal computer users because of a number of advantages and features of the application. The most important of them are the following:

  • This resource supports all types of modern file systems and several types of encryption.
    In the case of a severely damaged file, when the utility cannot recognize what type it belongs to, the platform matches its contents with known file types. A list of most known file types is built into the library of this resource. But the user can add other types to this list if necessary to recover them.
  • The program handles corrupted system files differently. It marks them and collects them in one folder, which the user can restore manually.
  • In addition, the utility can work on remote access, namely over the network. It allows you to recover information on a third-party computer if it is connected to the device you are using over the network.
  • The utility can create an image of an entire hard drive or some of its partitions. Such images are maximally compressed, so they take up very little space. The disk image should be so that in case of a repeated failure you can quickly restore the specific state of the system.
  • The platform helps to recover deleted data not only on the hard drive, but also on another media - CD-Disk or USB Stick.
  • Gives the ability to analyze the state of the recovered files.
  • The program also has a clear interface. Therefore, such a procedure as data and system recovery will not be very difficult, even for an inexperienced user.

But before working with such programs, you need to be confident in your actions. If you are not confident, because of the lack of knowledge and experience in this area, it is recommended to contact a specialist in the service center.

R-Studio utility is publicly available for download. You can find a free version of the resource on the Internet. It is suitable for almost any Windows operating system. For versions XP and Vista you need to use an earlier unupdated version of the data recovery program.

Thus, with the help of this utility it is possible to return accidentally deleted files, as well as other lost information. In addition, it allows you to return the operating system to normal operation without crashes or the appearance of any system errors.

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