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Steam is the largest online gaming platform where you can buy licensed games and add-ons, keep up with new releases and updates, communicate with like-minded people, and play as a team. Here you have access to almost every game in the world - from little-known indie projects to global hits. Developers can launch their own games here as well, which saves on physical media and allows you to test a project on a wide audience.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Free and fast downloads
  • Steam streaming lets you watch your friends play their favorite games
  • Text and voice chat, the rich Steam Community to keep you up to date on what's new and what's on sale
  • You can use the service on your PC and a variety of mobile devices
  • Possibility of online battles with real users
  • Easily install games from Steam Cloud
  • Customizable skins and look and feel
  • Easy item exchange for multiplayer multiplayer games
  • Supported not only Windows, but Mac OS and Linux
  • Full purchase of the game versions is required to use all features
  • Constant network connectivity required for proper operation
  • Steam Guard to protect copyrights prevents you from updating and activating games offline

More about Steam


  • purchase of licensed games and any add-ons to them with a compatibility guarantee;
  • ability to donate games to other users (including one specific game from an entire collection) or receive gifts from them;
  • choice of regional prices (Steam automatically calculates the appropriate prices for specific countries and territories);
  • You can choose the voice-over and translation of the games that are in a foreign language;
  • unique activation keys, confirming the ownership of the purchased copy (in case of problems you can contact the technical support and get help)
  • Possibility to return the game which was not liked (if two conditions are met: the purchase was made not earlier than 14 days ago and the user played not more than two hours);
  • calculation of the time spent in games (both total and for each individual game);
  • streaming download - you can start the installation even before the file is fully downloaded;
  • it is possible to display the visuals on large monitors (for example, on TV);
  • creation of game clubs in which it is possible to buy one game for everyone (the cost will be higher than for an individual copy, but it will be lower for each participant than if they bought it independently of the club);
  • storage of game data in the cloud (it is accessible when you log into your account from any device, not only from a specific computer on which the installation was made);
  • access to the user collection of various modifications;
  • progress and achievements scale;
  • the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts;
  • ability to download your own games and get the profit from them (relevant to developers).

Steam is the best option for gamers. Here you can not only buy a licensed version of almost any game, but also get discounts on extras, find out about updates and news, find like-minded people and fellow gamers, see your records and the time spent in games. Constant discounts and promotions give you the opportunity to save money while maintaining quality.

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