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Download Master is a program that allows you to easily download and install necessary files on your personal computer. The interface and management of the utility are simple and understandable even for inexperienced users, and additional options make working with it even more comfortable.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Fast loading of files of any size and format.
  • The ability to preview downloaded video files before they are fully loaded.
  • Integration with various browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.).
  • Flexible configuration. The program automatically adjusts some parameters depending on the speed and type of internet connection, the type of downloaded files, and other factors. Additional settings can also be made by the user if necessary.
  • Difficulties in making downloads from file sharing services.
  • Inconvenience in integrating the program with certain browsers.

More about Download Master

The main function of Download Master for Windows is to download various files. Their size is not significant, so you can download small programs or videos as well as complex tools and games with large volume.

The program is equipped with a function that divides large files into several medium-sized parts. This significantly speeds up the downloading time and allows it to be done at maximum possible speed. In addition, there is a resumption mode. It allows you to download the necessary files even if the internet connection is periodically interrupted or of poor quality.

Users can also download an entire list of files at once. This significantly speeds up and simplifies the process. If necessary, you can set the priority for each fragment in the list to download it first or, conversely, last.

Download Master offers the following basic and additional options:

  • Scheduling and organizing downloads.
  • Resuming downloads in case of internet connection loss or sudden computer shutdown.
  • Built-in "smart" accelerator that automatically splits large files into several fragments to speed up their download.
  • Link redirection.
  • Considering proxy services and various data transfer protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP).
  • Downloading video files (MPEG format) in the desired quality.
  • Downloading music and other audio files (MP3 format).
  • Converting downloaded files to a suitable format for the user.
  • Playing audio and video with the built-in program player.
  • "Smart" pause and resume functions.
  • Adjusting download settings and modes depending on the type of connection (ISDN, ADSL, LAN, etc.).
  • Checking for available updates in automatic or manual mode for previously downloaded files.
  • Ability to use mirrors for downloading, as well as search for and add current mirrors manually.

The Download Master program has many advantages and a wide range of available features. It is convenient and easy to use, which is why hundreds of thousands of people around the world use this utility.

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