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Anime Studio is a program for working with 2D graphics and animation, suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Here is an intuitive interface, a large number of different tools and a huge panel for adjusting the animation of individual objects and the picture as a whole. You can customize the program by adding or hiding certain panels, setting hotkeys, adding workspaces, selecting templates, etc.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Creation of 2D animation and quality animations
  • Built-in library of visual objects, actors and characters
  • Layer work support
  • Single-frame processing
  • Audio overlay on video
  • Import and export scenes option
  • Compatible with the popular Unity 3D engine
  • Addable backgrounds and images to projects
  • Integrated motion simulation and file ordering options
  • Does not work with Vista and XP platforms

More about Anime Studio

Anime Studio offers the following features:

  • working with vector graphics based on nodal point technology (a unique feature of the program), rather than on Bézier curves (but working with Bézier curves is also possible;
  • drawing from scratch, including drawing with a graphics tablet;
  • working with layers (vector, raster and mixed layers);
  • animation of vector objects;
  • using kinematics;
  • using predefined and custom styles for outlines and layers;
  • applying filter masks and effects;
  • adding and editing 3D elements (this functionality is limited);
  • automation of animation with the help of smartcuts technology;
  • setting up synchronization of the animation of the character's mouth with the words he/she speaks (provided that the language used exists and the program can recognize it);
  • adding various media files;
  • downloading additional tools from the official Anime Studio website and even creating and saving your own.

The program Anime Studio is suitable for those who are just going to learn the animation 2D graphics (already existing or self-drawn), and for those who are ready to create complex works of professional level. It combines a clear interface with a wide range of features and a large number of different tools that allows you to direct the work in any direction, not limiting you to one particular technique and style.

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