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For normal, uninterrupted operation of your computer, it is necessary to monitor the condition of your hard disk and file system. It is recommended that you check the media from time to time and defragment the hard disk. The purpose of defragmentation is to remove corrupted files and areas and to organize information so that the computer or notebook computer can process information better and more quickly. In this way your computer will work faster, without errors or other problems.


Pros and Cons

  • Quickly find and fix disk errors
  • Full or selective disk scan
  • Option to check disk sectors additionally
  • Ability to mark damaged sectors appropriately
  • Works with both hard drives, including SCSI and RAID, and removable media
  • Supports CD scanning
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Errors are annotated in the annotations, which can be used later for troubleshooting
  • The user manual is only available in German

More about CheckDisk

All these functions are performed by the built-in CheckDisk utility. Without it, the gadget would stop working at the first failure. Causes of errors in Windows may be:

  • Sudden power outage;
  • Voltage drop in the network;
  • Improper shutdown of the gadget;
  • Incorrect removal of the storage medium;
  • Mechanical damage to the hard drive, etc.

After such problems, the gadget may not start at all as it will only see an error when reading the disk. That's why having such a utility as a disk checker is necessary on every computer or laptop.

Utility Capabilities

This program has many features that the user may not use. But the utility turns on one or another function automatically when there are any problems in the work of the hard drive.

  • It checks the disk for file corruption and tries to repair damaged files. If it fails, it deletes such files so that they do not interfere with the system operation.
  • Checks the hard disk for mechanical damage on its surface. If detected, the program marks such sectors and the system does not see them.
  • That is, it skips these areas when reading information or writing a new one.
  • Restores the system for normal operation with the least losses.
  • Allows you to make a backup of the file system to quickly restore it in case of further failures.

You can run the program yourself in the Properties window of your computer through the Tools tab. You can also do it using the command line. Here you need to write the command "chkdsk c: /f". This command will run a disk check and error correction.

Also the Check Disk utility can start on its own when you turn on your computer. It looks like a blue screen with the file check text. If this screen is present, you need to wait for some time until the program performs a full check of the disk. After that, Windows will start for further work in normal mode.

So, CheckDisk is a very important utility that should be on every Windows gadget. It will be able to restore the data and the normal operation of the system with the ability to save all the information that you have in the system. You will not need to completely reinstall the operating system, and the data will be deleted from the system media irretrievably.

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