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Safety on Xiaomi is already installed, so it does not require downloading. This multifunctional application is designed to improve smartphone performance. Let's review its features. It is considered one of the most powerful and reliable security tools for Android.


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Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast device memory scan to detect cache and clear unnecessary files in RAM to free up memory space.
  • Tracking of monthly traffic usage and the ability to set a limit on internet usage.
  • Protection against spam and other unwanted messages.
  • Monitoring battery usage to identify apps that consume a lot of energy.
  • Scanning for malicious files and other threats.
  • A large number of pre-installed programs.
  • An abundance of advertisements.
  • Xiaomi confirms the collection of user data.

More about Xiaomi Security

Functionality and Features:

  • Optimization. Through a circular widget on the main screen, you can launch optimization of the smartphone based on parameters such as system, memory, and security. This option will make the device more stable by eliminating minor glitches.
  • Antivirus. Checks the device for malicious software and all processes that pose a security threat. When you press "Antivirus," the memory, data storage, payment system, and network are automatically scanned for viruses. In the settings, you can configure the scanning and update parameters.
  • Memory Cleanup. Conveniently scans all files on the smartphone to detect temporary or unnecessary files in the phone's memory and internal storage. It also scans application caches and RAM. After the scan, you can choose what to keep and what to delete irreversibly. Without "junk," the smartphone's performance becomes faster.
  • Power Management. This function increases battery life by reducing the activity of background processes and high-power-consuming applications in the system. In the settings, you can choose either power saving or ultra power saving mode to maximize the smartphone's battery life. Configuration is also possible for background applications to regulate power consumption.
  • Acceleration. This function is crucial for smartphones with low RAM. In the settings, you can manually choose which applications to close and which to keep running. You can also set the interval between automatic memory cleanups in the smartphone.
  • App Management. In this section, you can see a full list of all installed applications. Users can customize, remove, and clear the cache of these applications. The energy consumption level of each application is also reflected.
  • Deep Cleaning. With this feature, you can delete unnecessary videos and photos, unwanted applications, cache, and third-party files after previewing them. It differs from regular cleaning by removing all unnecessary items at once instead of deleting each file individually.

In the "Security" app, when scrolling down the main screen, a set of additional tools is displayed:

  • Privacy Protection. Allows you to protect applications by setting a digital code, pattern lock, regular password, or fingerprint for each application. If desired, the application can be completely hidden.
  • Cloning. If users have multiple accounts on social networks, they will need to create a clone - a duplicate that resembles the original. In the "Security" section under the same name, users can select the desired programs, and the clone will be added to the home screen.
  • Network Diagnostics. A very convenient tool for checking the quality of the internet connection and diagnosing Wi-Fi, routers, traffic calculation, and more. On this page, you can see the current internet speed.
  • ShareMe. Using Wi-Fi, you can conveniently exchange files quickly between devices - both send and receive them. The transmission speed will be significantly higher than that of Bluetooth.
  • Anti-spam. This function blocks incoming calls and SMS from unknown numbers that raise security concerns. It can also be used to block all unwanted contacts by adding them to the blacklist.
  • Second Space. This function is appreciated by those who separate work and personal space, ensuring the necessary level of privacy for themselves and their personal data. By creating an additional screen, you can make the necessary settings without being tied to the main space.

The developers paid great attention to creating conditions for the safe use of the smartphone. Thanks to the multi-functionality of the application, you don't have to worry about the security of confidential data. The application not only protects against viruses but also optimizes the performance of the mobile device.

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