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Is it realistic to have a passive income without doing anything? Honeygain Helper makes it possible. But it's not that simple. How much can I earn and what can I do to increase my income?

Pros and Cons

  • Real passive income without any investments or active actions
  • The program runs in the background and does not interfere with the use of your smartphone
  • By connecting multiple devices and attracting new customers through referrals can become a real permanent passive income
  • Even with one smartphone, it is not possible to earn the minimum amount of withdrawal in one month, even with a full day's work. You either have to wait longer or connect additional devices
  • There are many similar sites to download the application, along with which you can download a virus, so you need to be very careful when downloading the program

More about Honeygain Android Helper

Passive income is something that everyone has thought about at least once. But for a real passive income first you have to work a lot and not the fact that everything will work out. But getting a small amount of money every month in the form of part-time passive income is easy enough. One of the first applications that allow you to do this was "Honeygain Helper" for Android.

What is the essence of the work

The app is the backbone of the cloud delivery networking system. Simply put, once you install the app and create a free account, your smartphone becomes the gateway for traffic (internet) between the app's owners and its customers. That is, several cell phones and computers are combined, and together create a single server. This is much more profitable than a single full server installed in the center, which is why the company is willing to pay. In addition, such a server is usually more powerful.

How the application works and how much can be earned

The program works in the background mode, it is enough to run it once and you can continue to use your smartphone as usual. Payment for the used Internet depends on 4 factors:

  • Region of your location. The more expensive are the servers, the higher will be the payments for your phone.
  • The number of connected devices. If you register two or more devices from one account, their cost will be higher.
  • Your Internet speed and equipment power.

The official website of the application has a calculator for calculating income per month, but it is noted that the amount is approximate and can vary depending on the demand for traffic in your area, the speed of your Internet, etc.

The application has its own currency - credits. 1 credit equals 10 Mb of traffic. The cost of 10 gb is $1. At the same time to withdraw an amount not less than 20 dollars.

The application "Honeygain Helper" is a real, albeit not much passive income from your smartphone. The main thing is to download it from a verified site, so as not to create unnecessary problems. ODVme.com. carefully checks all files for authenticity and presence of viruses before uploading them to the public, so we can be sure of absolute safety of the application.

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