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The android app "Honest Sign" allows you to scan the unique product labeling code and verify its authenticity. What categories of goods can be checked and what additional functions are available in the program?


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Pros and Cons

  • Intuitive application interface
  • Ability to check the authenticity of the goods without authorization in the system
  • Storable history of scanned codes
  • Additional useful functions (decoding symbols, reading composition, etc.)
  • Ability to report missing codes on goods directly in the program
  • Fast operation speed and actually instant scanning result
  • Opportunity to participate in the experiment on the marking of goods in new categories
  • To use all features, you must be fully authorized through the Gosuslugi portal or by confirming your phone number
  • The need to allow access to the camera (for scanning) and location (to search for medications by pharmacy)
  • The introduction of labeling has increased the price of goods somewhat, as it is additional paperwork

More about Honest SIGN – Check the product

In fact, every third product on the RF market is non-certified (30% of the group of non-food products and 20% of the group of food products). To reduce the number of counterfeit products, the state supervisory body has developed a system of marking goods. It is expressed in the application of a unique code on each product, which contains information about the authenticity, composition and shelf life of the product.

For the convenience of using the system in 2020 the application "Honest Sign" was released, which allows you to quickly scan the code from any smartphone directly in the store.

The app's features

As of the end of 2022, the app can scan products from the following categories:

  • Water and dairy products.
  • Light industry, fur coats and shoes.
  • Medications.
  • Perfume and toilet water.
  • Tires & Tires.
  • Cameras and flash bulbs.
  • Tobacco.

Projects to appear in the program in the near future (under development):

  • Dietary supplements.
  • Medical goods and antiseptics.
  • Beer and soft drinks.
  • Bicycles and wheelchairs.

Besides the scanning of the code itself the application also has the ability to scan a bar code to get the information about the composition of the goods, to scan the marks of labeling on the tags, to recognize a QR-code in the receipt in order to save it in the program.

The application is also constantly updated with new functions, which are not directly related to the marking of goods, for example, the search for the necessary medicine in the nearest pharmacies or reminders about the need to take medicine.

Overall, the mandatory product labeling system is a very good solution, as it makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of non-certified products. And the Honest Sign app has brought this system closer to ordinary consumers, making it accessible to everyone. In addition, users themselves now also help the system work, because you can leave a complaint about the lack of labeling, and it will be anonymously forwarded to the control and supervisory authorities after verification.

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