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CoinKeeper is a service that takes care of your finances. It shows detailed statistics on income and expenses. Numerous functions and settings make the process very convenient.


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Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
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Pros and Cons

  • Statistics of financial operations
  • Limits for categories
  • Family accounting
  • Import bank transactions
  • Comments & Tags
  • An ad pops up

More about CoinKeeper

You launch the application and a user-friendly interface opens up in front of you. The following categories are presented here:

  • income,
  • purses,
  • expenses.

They are marked with round icons. You can always change them according to your preferences. At the top of the screen there is a line showing your balance, expenses, and budget balance for the current month. Each category is marked with a color:

  • The icons in blue are responsible for income: monthly salary and additional earnings. Income amounts can be entered in one touch. Simply drag the blue coin to the yellow wallet. Through income, you can control any money receipts. The app has paid special attention to the budget. It can be bookmarked for two and four weeks, a month, a quarter.
  • Yellow is responsible for wallets. Here you specify cash, bank cards, savings accounts, e-wallets, etc. Wallets show the stock of money in all accounts. There can be several: real money, bank cards, accounts. Negative balances show credit cards. The amount in the wallets is automatically added up and displayed in the "Balance" icon.
  • Green is the spending category. This is where you write down the expenses you make each day. The color of the icons changes. It turns yellow if you don't go over budget, and it turns red if you've allowed yourself to spend much more than you planned. Category expenses are entered similar to income. You drag a coin to the desired expense category, such as Communications, Groceries, or Transportation. For each expense category, you can set a budget and write the amount you're willing to spend. Hold down the icon for a long time and then enter the amount. Once you've entered an expense category, don't forget to enter the amount and date. You can add a description or provide tags if you wish. You can also mark recurring payments if you have a regular monthly expense category such as internet, utilities, credit, etc.

Lovers of piggy banks and those who are used to putting aside a financial safety cushion can create a "Financial Goal" icon. This will show the amounts you've set aside. Once the goal is reached, money from this category will automatically go to "Balance." They will be available for spending.

The developers have not forgotten about debts. This category controls the amounts that you have borrowed or, conversely, borrowed. Detailed statistics, which are reflected in charts, allow you to clearly assess income and expenses. One of the advantages of the application is that it receives and automatically categorizes SMS from the bank.

Admirers and lovers of aesthetics will like the visual design and content of the application. Convenient navigation will help to understand all nuances of the service in a moment. With a single tap you can open the side menu. In your personal profile, you can see how long your subscription expires, change your username or password, and sign out of the app.

You can first use the free version and get to know the app, and later you can buy a license. It will remove all restrictions and allow you to learn additional benefits of the service.

Manage your budget with pleasure. After all, there is nothing easier than installing the application on your smartphone, filling out a profile and keeping track of where your money is going.

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