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Diary St. Petersburg Education is an application for students of St. Petersburg schools and participants of the project Unified School Map. In the app you can not only see information about studies, but also details of expenses.


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  • Lots of possibilities
  • Free
  • Quick and easy

More about Diary of Petersburg Education

Many people still remember the paper diaries in which you could change a grade, tear out a page or simply lose it in case of a bad mark or a long remark. It was convenient, of course, but if you forgot to write down your homework, you're welcome to look it up with your classmates. For a few years now all schoolchildren in Russia have switched to electronic diaries, one of them is the Diary of Petersburg Education, created especially for students in St. Petersburg.

To register in the diary, your school must be connected to the Unified School Card and to the service itself. You can find out from your homeroom teacher or the school administration. To enter the diary, you need a login and a password. This information is usually given by the class teacher. 

In the Diary app Petersburg education you can not only keep track of progress, but also see details of expenditure on the Unified Schoolchildren's Card. 

Application features

  • Always be aware of the marks. In the app you can see your marks for the week, a quarter or a year.
  • Schedule. In the application you will always see the current schedule and all substitutions and cancellations.
  • Homework is in every subject, you can even attach a file or send it to your teacher after you finish it.
  • Under "Teachers" you can see all the information about your teachers.
  • In addition to learning activities, the app allows you to track your student's card balance, replenish it and control spending.

The app is completely free and available for download.

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