VPN to Windows

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  • 11.3.1 21 Mb
  • Windows 4.6
  • 2.4 18,2 Mb
  • Windows 3.4
  • 2.2.0 30 Mb
  • Windows 2.4
  • Latest 137 Mb
  • Windows 3.8
  • Latest 0,5 Mb
  • Windows 3.2
  • 3 2,3 Mb
  • Windows 1.9
  • 3.13.1 15,1 Mb
  • Windows 3
  • Latest 0,1 Mb
  • Windows 3.3
  • 0,1 Mb
  • Windows 3
  • Latest 8,1 Mb
  • Windows 3.5

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network, which literally means "virtual private network". It is a program that provides an encrypted connection between the user and the network. The main function of VPN is to provide complete privacy while using the Internet. The program is needed for such purposes:

  1. Blocking Internet resources. Many users are faced with the fact that providers for various reasons block access to some web resources. Many of them do not pose any threat. VPN helps to bypass this method of protection - the user gets a new IP-address, freely goes to the desired site.
  2. Anonymity. Necessary when connecting to the public Internet - cafes, airports, stores. Program encrypts connection and access to personal data, which can be easily obtained by intruders.
  3. Hiding geolocation. VPN makes it possible to hide your location. This is especially relevant for those who spend a lot of time traveling, traveling.
  4. Increasing the speed of the Internet. Often providers put restrictions on popular resources such as VK, YouTube. Data transmission slows down significantly. If a similar problem occurs, it is worth to use a VPN.
  5. Price discrimination. This applies to those who often order goods online. The price difference may depend on the location, the frequency of purchases. For example, Muscovites may pay much more for products than residents of the provinces. By enabling VPN, you can objectively compare prices.

Virtual Private Network is a useful tool that provides access to closed web pages and privacy. The program also helps to hide your real IP address, geolocation.

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