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Every user has faced the need to create a quick snapshot of the working screen, and not always the built-in work program can optimally cope with this task.

Specially designed utilities offer a wider range of possibilities for taking a high-quality picture of the required part of the screen, and their functionality has some differences, but combines all the most popular working tools:

  • the ability to quickly save the created image in different formats;
  • A simple user interface and lightweight software to install on your PC;
  • option to save the file directly to the cloud storage;
  • selecting a specific area for the image rather than the entire screen;
  • image scaling for further detailed editing of the screenshot;
  • availability of hot keys for faster recording;
  • automatic assignment of the necessary folder for saving the file;
  • adding text, graphical objects, color highlighting;
  • possibility of auto-start at operating system startup;
  • High requirements for the technical characteristics of the user's devices;
  • simple software interface and ease of installation;

Given the most preferred functions, each user can choose the best utility for productive work.

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Joxi is a program designed to create screenshots with the ability to instantly process them without the use of third-party applications. It has a small settings menu where you can set the necessary parameters to use them by default. The interface is simple and immediately understandable even to those who see the program for the first time.


    • History of pictures taken
    • Changes the size and shape of the selected area until it is saved or sent
    • Free
    • Send regular pictures from your computer to


    • Requires registration on hosting (via e-mail or social network)
    • Leaves a lot of entries in the registry

The first thing the user notices when working with Snagit is the extensive editing capabilities. The program can do little less than editors that are specifically designed for material processing and can not be used for capturing. The ability to compete with the functionality of modern editors is already enough reason to pay attention to Snagit.


    • Support for scanners and digital cameras
    • Quick access to active objects through hotkeys
    • Provides the ability to apply presets
    • Captures text, graphics, DOS screen and clipboard
    • Saves results automatically
    • Supports a variety of formats


    • Sliding cost scale for business use

    • Video editing requires additional software

Lightshot has an undeniable advantage over conventional screenshot tools - you can integrate it as an extension for the most popular browsers: Chrome and Firefox. This means that by using your browser, you can activate Lightshot without any additional manipulation, which is very convenient.


    • Quick snapshot of the selected area
    • Ability to share screenshots
    • Search for similar images
    • Easy to use
    • Easy editing
    • Versatile tool


    • Only two capture modes are available

Most programs with which you can capture quality video from your screen - especially with sound - are paid. But there is Monosnap, a virtually free (you only pay for the ability to use the cloud if you wish) streaming editor that allows you to handle any content happening on your screen.


    • Allows you to create different types of screenshots and screencasts
    • It is possible to create photos from a webcam
    • You can store screenshots in cloud storage
    • Supports keyboard shortcuts
    • Simple and clear interface


    • Limited set of tools for working with video

Sometimes you need a very simple program to work with screenshots that doesn't require a long time to understand the editor or to master the basic functions. WinSnap has a simple visual editor where you can do everything you need to correct screenshots, add information and visual effects to them.


    • Customizable screenshot creation options
    • Apply various effects to image processing
    • Support for window transparency
    • Multi-object capture mode
    • Publishing images to the Internet and sending them via email
    • Advanced saving and copying options
    • Convenient operation