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The need to capture video from the monitor screen arises in various situations: when recording educational information, interesting game moments, favorite music videos, as well as creative presentations. Modern software solutions offer many options for the development of high-quality and original content.

The main features of the programs are:

  • quick video capture, definition of the necessary editing area;
  • trimming unnecessary frames, scaling to add the necessary accents;
  • application of smooth transitions between slides;
  • sound overlay directly from the microphone;
  • introducing additional special effects, adjusting background noise and sound parameters;
  • adding comments, notes and captions;
  • option of quick screenshots;
  • saving the file in various formats, integration directly into the platform of popular hosting sites and social networks;
  • setting of quality parameters: brightness, color saturation, sharpness;
  • automatic saving of changes;
  • clear user interface and undemanding to the system resources of the device.

A variety of programs for video recording allows you to choose the best for the creation of professional and amateur content.

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The main advantage of iFun Screen Recorder is simplicity throughout. This is a lightweight software, it will not burden your PC (especially in the paid version), which speeds up the work even at maximum load of the device. Some computers have already exhausted their resource and even a few simultaneous tasks can not do the RAM. In a situation where the device can not pull the work of, for example, a browser and an image capture program at the same time, iFun Screen Recorder will come in handy. It is hard to imagine a system that could not cope with such a small additional load.


    • Record video from your screen with no time limit
    • Save video in any popular video format
    • Record in Full HD as well as 4K
    • Capture sounds and microphone voices
    • Built-in editor
    • Hot key control

Recording video from the screen is increasingly becoming a necessary function for each user: to review the necessary educational material, a favorite clip, a sharp moment in the game process, and for the implementation of high-quality and fast video recording developed special software solutions, one of the most clear and functional utility iTop Screen Recorder. Built-in learning algorithm allows you to quickly understand the process of editing video.


    • Convenient PC workspace recording functionality
    • Record video with sound
    • Record in HD without delays
    • Take screenshots while recording
    • Multiple saving and converting formats
    • Edit video after recording

Bandicam is the optimal software application for recording and capturing everything that is currently happening on your computer monitors. It will help you record video with a high compression ratio, but the recording quality will be close to the original.


    • Desktop video recording
    • Automatically end recording
    • While recording video, you can pause
    • Utility provides control as well as FPS output
    • Saving objects in convenient formats


    • The free version has limitations

It has everything you need to record video of your screen, no matter what's happening on it. The performance of iSpring Free Cam allows you to record both the usual processes on the desktop and in "light" programs, as well as more complex and voluminous video, such as recording a video game or any other complex program. If you are a gamer blogger, then the power of this software is enough, but for optimal results it is better to stop at something with a narrower specialization.


    • Easy to use interface in Russian
    • Record video from computer screen
    • Workspace setup
    • Setting up the pointer, sounds and microphone
    • Built-in editor
    • Saving videos in WMV format (720p resolution)
    • Uploading videos to YouTube


    • Clips are saved in one format only

Movavi Screen Recorder is a computer program designed to record your screen (video or screenshot). This program allows you to record any online conference, video lesson, broadcast, video tutorial, webinar and much more in good quality. If you want to record a video game, you can't do that with this program, it's better to use another one. The program is of good quality, it's completely safe for any computer. Movavi Screen Recorder has a free and a paid version. In the free version, your video will be watermarked when you save it. Also, if you're going to post it on YouTube, you can't put tags and add a description to your video.


    • Records up to 60 frames per second

    • Simultaneous recording of multiple sound sources

    • Hotkey support that makes working with the program several times faster and more convenient

    • Taking screenshots while recording games and desktop capture video

    • Adjustable timer, at the end of which the recording automatically stops

    • Requires little hard drive space to install

    • You can easily send the clip to Youtube, Facebook or Twitter after processing


    • Windows XP does not support recording audio from multiple sources while capturing monitor

    • Screen Capture software puts a watermark on clips in the free version

All modern creativity has settled on the Internet, and not without reason - there is a huge amount of audience, which will not only support, but also allow you to earn money. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of potential customers of your creativity, as well as cheaters. oCam Screen Recorder allows you to put a watermark on the frame, which is very difficult to remove - so it will be difficult to pass off your work as your own, which will eliminate most of those who want to use it.


    • Video capture of the entire desktop, the selected area or the active program window
    • Mouse cursor on/off function on video
    • Video file can be up to 4 GB in size
    • Record video in AVI, MOV, FLV, MP4, VOB and TS formats

The development of the Internet space and the way of communication with the help of social networks offer new opportunities for the creation of personal content, including commercial content. Training courses, game forums and guides, webinars and just a personal blog - all of these place high demands on the quality of information design, and video files are one of the most popular options.


    • Record screen, webcam, keyboard mapping, PC sound and microphone
    • Save your work in AVI and Flash
    • Single-frame video playback
    • Choose to record any area of the screen
    • Allows you to record voice comments during screen recording
    • Thumbnail orientation


    • The free trial is limited to 30 days

Computer game fans often feel the need to take a quick screenshot or record a particularly significant gaming moment, here the technologically advanced utility Fraps comes to the rescue. Its functionality allows you to quickly record video from the screen, as well as take a snapshot.


    • Recording video with audio up to 3 minutes
    • Real time frame processing and testing
    • Frame rate calculation
    • Setting up hot key combinations
    • Usage of voice memos in the clip
    • Individual frame editing
    • Setting up menu artwork


    • Captured video takes a lot of disk space

    • Doesn't convert video

With the development of Internet communication, interest in user-generated content has grown considerably, and modern software solutions offer simple and clear working tools for creating unique videos. One of the most popular utilities for a wide range of users is the Screen Camera program, the installation of which does not take much time and does not require significant system resources of your PC.


    • Very comfortable and high quality screen video recording
    • Built-in video editor
    • Music overlay option
    • Large number of screensavers, templates, audio and titles
    • Creation of presentation and training videos
    • Capture online broadcasts
    • Save your work in appropriate formats
    • Quickly upload videos to YouTube and social networks
    • Burn your finished project to DVD


    • The trial version of the screen recorder will be valid for 10 days, after which you should consider purchasing a license

Modern technologies make it as easy as possible to create professional video content for ordinary users, both for social networking and promotion of commercial blogs, creation of training video lessons and other video files. The software product Camtasia Studio combines all the necessary working tools to create high-quality video as much as possible.


    • Recording video from the screen in high quality with audio capture from the microphone
    • You can select a specific area or window when recording from the screen
    • Great number of transitions, animations, caption variations, cursor changes
    • Separate work with audio tracks
    • Integration with MS PowerPoint
    • Built-in wizard, which gives you tips throughout your work


    • No effects for audio besides the standard tools