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There are a great many specialized cloud storage programs on the Internet. They have long won their adherents and are easy to manage. They are useful for users who want to increase the free space of their hard drive without having to say goodbye to valuable data. They only need to download a cloud storage program and move there all their dаta: photos, music tracks, application distributions, videos, documents, e-books, and any other objects. Services are convenient and tamper-proof, which is a reliable safeguard against strangers and a guarantee of privacy.

Data stored in the cloud is securely stored on secure servers. They can be accessed 24 hours a day, because a full synchronization with the PC is set up. This is a guarantee against loss, as the user becomes protected against computer crashes and operating system breakdowns.

It is impossible not to mention such a plus as the ability to log into your account from any computer or smartphone, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Thus, cloud storage is a kind of flash drive, but you can not fear that it will break or be lost.

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If you haven't tried Apple's proprietary cloud service yet, you're missing out on a lot in your life. Through it, content from one device is automatically distributed to all devices that share the same ID. It's also possible to store photos, phone book, notes, calendars, etc.


    • Preserving the original quality of the files
    • Secure data storage and easy sharing
    • Backup data when connected to a network
    • Create a family access group
    • Find your device if you forget where you left it
    • Email
    • 5GB of free storage


    • Storage capacity that exceeds 5 GB is chargeable

Cloud is a cloud data archive for private and corporate use. Access to the storage is granted to users registered in the mail service. A distinctive feature of the Cloud drive is unlimited storage capacity and the ability to search for data in the array using filters.


    • Storage of audio and video materials, photos, presentations, documents
    • Free 25 GB space on a personal virtual drive
    • Search function, filters available
    • Synchronization of data between computers and other devices
    • Synchronization of data on your computer with the Cloud
    • Increased speed of uploading as well as downloading files
    • No limits on file sizes
    • View media content without downloading

iDrive is a multifunctional cloud storage for those who prefer to store data without sacrificing free disk space. The application contains many more useful features that allow you to access your desired text, video, photo, and audio files at any time.


    • Easy data recovery
    • Cloud backup
    • Share information by email, Facebook or Twitter
    • Data deleted from your device stays in the cloud
    • Flexible pricing plans

Yandex.Disk is a cloud service for storing files in various formats with a separate program on Windows that simplifies and automates its use. The program itself takes up little space in your computer's memory, but it has access to space on Disk itself where you can quickly move large files.


    • Full and selective synchronization of files and folders
    • Single access to personal files in the cloud from multiple mobile devices and a Windows computer
    • Antivirus check of the uploaded files on the server
    • Uploading photos and videos to Yandex from removable media connected to your computer
    • Create shared folders, get links to individual files and directories
    • Providing 10 Gb of free cloud space on a Yandex server
    • Turn syncing on and off on demand
    • View a list of the latest downloaded and synchronized files from the system tray

pCloud is a desktop PC application that allows you to securely store your user files on a virtual storage medium. Cloud storage helps offload your disk and free up memory on your computer, and you don't have to fear that important documents, images, and other files will be accidentally deleted in the event of a crash.


    • Plenty of free storage space
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Lifetime access plans
    • Easy to download and upload link
    • Encrypted and unencrypted file options

The Mega service platform has the most convenient functionality for storing user files of a personal nature, as well as for teamwork on various business projects. Free registration guarantees 50 GB of storage space for personal use, and with a paid subscription, the volume increases significantly.


    • Synchronize any folders on your computer, smartphone, or tablet with cloud storage
    • Your data is encrypted from the point of origin to the point of delivery
    • Store up to 50 GB free when you use MEGA achievements
    • Take advantage of MEGA's powerful infrastructure and the ability to send via multiple connections

Microsoft's OneDrive is a cloud-based platform for sharing files as well as synchronizing them between devices connected to the program. In addition to the simple principle of operation, the application has an equally simple interface: the cloud from Microsoft looks like just another folder in Explorer. The "catalog" interface helps users not to get confused and use the storage as an ordinary folder.


    • Clean, lightweight interface
    • Very easy to use
    • Connect to your PC if you forget to save something in OneDrive
    • Easily manage your files and folders in OneDrive just like any other folder on your computer
    • Allows you to quickly add new files by dragging and dropping them into your OneDrive
    • Access OneDrive right from Windows Explorer or your Mac OS X desktop-save photos, documents, and other important files.

It is becoming increasingly popular to store files in cloud services, rather than on a computer or a flash drive, because these devices are unreliable. It is possible to store, share and process files through special services, among which we would like to mention Dropbox. It was created back in 2007 as a repository. Over time, its functions were supplemented by the possibility of remote viewing, processing and synchronization between the user's gadgets. The principle of operation is as follows: the user signs in to Dropbox, and all files, which will be placed in any of his folders, are automatically uploaded to the cloud repository, synchronized at the same time on all devices. Thus, the user gets access to his/her data from any device, at any time and from any place in the world, having only access to the Internet.


    • Support for all file types and formats
    • Operations history
    • Synchronization with multiple computers through one client
    • Recover deleted data
    • Restrict download and upload speed
    • Public, Shared and private folders
    • High cloud storage protection
    • In case of partial change of a file, change of a certain fragment (part) is transmitted
    • Instant automatic update on the service after an update in the folder

The Google Drive cloud service from Google, launched back in 2010, has managed to become one of the most famous cloud storage services with amazing functionality. Its main advantage over competitors is the size of the cloud: The Google user is immediately provided with 15 GB of free space. Additional space is purchased separately and paid for monthly, but at fairly low rates: plans of 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB are available. The company also offers an annual fee that allows you to pay for 12 months of storage usage at once and save as much as 17% on that.


    • Search, including recognition in photos and pdf copies
    • Gmail email with the option to directly save attachments to the cloud
    • Electronic forms
    • Office applications for working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations
    • Photo processing - creating animated pictures and videos