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Daemon Tools Lite is a lightweight version of a widely used program for working with CD and DVD disc images and virtual drives. It has an intuitive interface that allows easy and quick mastery of all key program functions. The product allows you to create various images from CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, ranging from iso and mdf to mds and mdx with compression and password protection features.


    • Simple and intuitive interface;
    • Supports Russian language;
    • Takes up very little space on the computer;
    • Free of charge.


    • Some features are missing in the free version.

UltraISO - a popular product for creating, editing, and converting various formats of CD and DVD disc images. The program works with the most common formats of virtual images, starting from iso and bin and ending with mdf, img, and sub files (over 30 in total).

In addition to the above, the application can emulate an optical drive, allowing the images to be run even on computers without a disc drive. And for those with a drive, UltraISO allows data from the images to be written onto regular "blank" discs.


    • Minimalistic, easily understandable interface;
    • Extremely powerful functionality;
    • Fast and exceptionally high-quality recording;
    • High speed of editing.


    • The program is paid.