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This article will consider programs for summarizing thoughts into interesting mindmaps, which help the process of thinking to express on paper in visual schemes and diagrams. After all, scientists have proven that as soon as a person puts his thoughts in order, the brain perceives this as a call to action - to implement, to remember, to develop. Mindmaps will help those whose personal and professional tasks await planning, ordering and structuring.

Mindmaps are sure to be created and will be effective for the following people:

  1. Writers. The thoughts in your head get organized and you don't have to rewrite the result of your
  2. Businessmen. To avoid having to keep business projects in their heads with lots of subtasks.
  3. Schoolchildren and students. It's easier for them to navigate their way through the school curriculum, and learning material becomes more effective.
  4. Teachers. Teaching is simplified with the help of diagrams.

And many, many other categories of professions. They are effective not even in work, but in personal development, helping to think more clearly and put together your plans and dreams.

The following programs help you create mental maps on your computer; everyone will find a program with a user-friendly interface to suit themselves.

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Many people are convinced that Canva is suitable for photo editing. But beyond that, the service lets you make beautiful headers, book covers, logos, website designs, and more. This is an easy tool for your first design projects. For more complex tasks, Photoshop is suitable, and beginners are advised to master the Canva service. A good bonus is that there is a functional free version.


    • Lots of free templates, pictures, videos, icons, etc.
    • Easy to use
    • Ability to work both in a browser and using applications for computers and smartphones
    • Saving the final project in a variety of formats
    • Creation of designs for different purposes


    • Severe limitations in terms of fonts

Draw.io creates graphic elements. It allows you to build block diagrams, make logical connections between them, and insert photos and pictures as well as text. The program is a good aid for planning, analysis and in the field of presentation creation. The application will be useful for top managers and executives of companies as a tool to build an accurate diagram of business processes. Draw.io is fully Russian-speaking with a clear interface.


    • Save files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or computer memory
    • Create a map without registering
    • Integrate the map into Jira and Trello
    • Use templates for different tasks: diagrams, maps, flow charts, business charts
    • Share maps with employees quickly and easily


    • The design is a bit boring

MindManager is a program where interactive maps of any complexity are created. It helps to quickly cover a large amount of data and understand the picture as a whole, without wasting time studying all the details. Allows any level of complexity.


    • Increasing the efficiency of data processing and systematization
    • Creation of attractive interactive maps, graphs and charts
    • Support for cloud services
    • Structuring information and clarifying plans and projects

Xmind is an entertaining program for creating intelligent maps. Styles of design and templates of maps are varied, the interface is convenient and quality Russian-language translation. You can express your ideas in the form of a variety of charts.


    • Import maps created in FreeMind and MindManager
    • Basic functions for creating mind maps
    • Easy to use
    • Possibility of quick focus on certain parts of the map
    • Possibility of setting the parameters of map elements display
    • Themes and templates support