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Valheim is a fascinating open-world survival simulator set in an ancient Scandinavian setting. You will start your journey with empty hands, but by finding a variety of materials and developing your character, you will gradually improve your equipment, be able to fight with supernatural creatures and explore previously inaccessible lands.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Availability of single-player and cooperative modes
  • there is a story, you can perform tasks
  • simple but nice graphics
  • references to Scandinavian culture and mythology
  • fascinating survival simulator
  • a variety of mechanics of development and world exploration
  • Some users may find the gameplay dragging and monotonous
  • not everyone will like the drawing

More about Valheim

Valheim is a fantasy survival simulation set in Scandinavian mythology, with references to Viking culture. You will have to explore a huge world full of opportunities to improve your life, as well as to fight with unusual creatures, sometimes quite hostile.

Valheim Review

The game was released in February 2021, was almost immediately at the top of STEAM among the best-selling and two years later still holds high positions in the ranking. By March, the total number of sold copies reached 6 million.

What is the reason for such high popularity? Players note that Valheim has an interesting world, it is addictive and entertaining. With each new playthrough, the game lands are procedurally generated, so the geography of Valheim never repeats itself.

The game is steeped in Scandinavian culture, with many references to Viking history and mythology. At the beginning of the game you will encounter a warlike Valkyrie, who will throw the hero into the forests of Valheim. There he will meet talking ravens of Odin, that will tell him what to do next. According to them, the hero will have to summon supernatural creatures and fight them, but first it's necessary to understand how to do it and prepare for this meeting. After all, the character begins his journey with empty hands - he will need to extract resources and make the first primitive weapons and tools. To gain access to more advanced tools will need to find rare materials.

The hero's condition must also be monitored - sleep well, eat his fill and, if possible, have a supply of honey to restore strength. Although he won't starve to death, as in most other survival simulators, if his strength is depleted he won't be able to stand up to a powerful enemy.

It is hard to imagine the Scandinavian world without water travel - in the game you will be able to explore the sea, as well as lakes and rivers, but to travel long distances, you will need to build a boat. Not all lands can be visited without prior preparation - unexplored territories can greet travelers with a harsh cold climate or prepare unpleasant traps in the form of poisonous plants. To explore such lands you will need the appropriate character equipment.

Valheim has both single-player and multiplayer modes. According to the developers themselves, the game is "very cozy. At the same time the work on it continues, which does not let the gaming community get bored. For example, the extensive 2021 updates were designed to deepen the construction mechanics, expand the story, diversify the battles and improve the process of building ships and marine research. At the same time, a new biome was added: the Mistylands. It is a mountainous area shrouded in mist, with frozen lava or green grass.

If the game interests you, you can download Valheim for Windows and install it on your PC at ODVme.com.

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