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SimCity is an urban planning simulator with arcade and strategy elements. It is fascinating to create and endlessly develop your own metropolis. Realism is complemented by live communication with citizens and natural disasters.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Colorful design and third-person control
  • Infinity in the development of the plot and improvement
  • Ability to build and lead several cities (up to 16) simultaneously. They can be connected by trade and other infrastructures for interest
  • Statistics on the number, income, education, and happiness of citizens throughout the region
  • Interaction with other players. The ability of neighboring influence on the development and management of the metropolis
  • Provides for internal (personal management) and network (with friends or strangers) sharing of resources and services
  • GlassBox technology creates a unique bond where one inhabitant's life changes, rebuilding buildings and structures affect everything else
  • You can improve your megacities with add-ons without losing gameplay
  • A number of minor glitches and hiccups
  • Internal currency limits at all periods of gameplay, especially at the beginning of construction. You have to wait a long time
  • Some elements of systems do not change when developing a city. For example, the water system or electricity
  • Natural disasters in the game bring additional costs
  • Difficulties in meeting the needs of citizens

More about SimCity

The city-building simulator from the 90s SimCity remains popular today. The new game series immerses you in the world of building and managing an entire metropolis.

Features and nuances

The developers have included two ways of the storyline: creating a city from scratch or the development of an already ready one. The first option is suitable for fans of fantasy and expectation, the second - for connoisseurs of their time or fans of TheSims with experience.

The classic version of SimCity is enough to feel like a mayor and try out all the features of gameplay. Additional plugins expand exterior themes, adding new buildings and features.

The appearance of the city, infrastructure and layout can be thought out in advance and further maintained in the process of development. The type and purpose of the future metropolis can be maneuvered through the creation of industrial, recreational, residential or entertainment facilities. The main thing is not to forget the necessary needs of the inhabitants and their safety.

The sequence of creation and development of the city is the main trump card of the gameplay. SimCity includes hints for the user, and the colorful design is stunningly realistic.

The story does not end with the erection of buildings and settlement. The gamer has to listen to the requests of residents, eliminate disasters (domestic or natural), develop industrial facilities and establish trade exchange with neighbors.

SimCity allows the player to feel as the mayor. Try to develop the city in different areas. In the strategy, you can watch as an ordinary settlement turns into a megalopolis or large region is empty. Everything depends on you.

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