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In order to make a good co-op game - no matter if it's local or online - it's not enough to create multiple maps, enemy models and different characters for the players. It is necessary to keep the balance and Valve managed to do this - their Left 4 Dead 2 has become even more successful than its predecessor.

The elements, modes and even the types of enemies from this project you could see in the many following games that had chosen the cooperative action genre. Left 4 Dead 2 successfully adapted many ideas that are now the axioms of the genre.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Stop the zombie invasion with a diverse arsenal
  • More than 20 new weapons
  • New game modes
  • New maps
  • Cooperative gameplay
  • New storyline with new characters and new dialogues
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • Few people play online modes
  • Bugs

More about Left 4 Dead 2

It's been almost 10 years since this game was released, but it still attracts not only nostalgic fans, but also a new audience. The reason is simple: great balance and timeless gameplay. Of course, in terms of picture beauty, this veteran of the genre can not compare with modern projects, but offers another - fair competition, adrenaline rounds and a fun time with friends or random co-parties online.

The advantages of the game:

  • Dynamic and balanced gameplay. Left 4 Dead 2 has several difficulty levels - every player can find a comfortable mode. But even on the easiest difficulty level you won't be able to simply run over the map - you will have to learn the behavior of different zombies, as well as possible random events.
  • Map elaboration. Usually map in the network game is just a decoration, a location where the competition takes place. But in Left 4 Dead 2 the maps are also your enemies, but they are mostly passive. Sound and light sources are placed on the levels, provoking the horde of zombies to attack more actively, contributing to the appearance of special, more powerful opponents in the location.
  • Interaction with partners. This aspect will be especially interesting if you are playing with human beings, but bots are also good to implement mechanisms for mutual assistance in the game. You can use voice commands, heal and share ammo, pick up the player who was knocked to the ground.
  • Plot and Atmosphere. Despite the fact that Left 4 Dead 2 is a cooperative project (you can play alone, but with bots), there is a story. Classes - aka characters - have their own history and develop during the story missions.

Even now Left 4 Dead 2 is actively supported by fans - organized competitions, gained average stable online, and some enthusiasts even make modifications. Veterans of the series and newcomers, who want a more pronounced challange, return to the game from time to time - mainly because the project was not adjusted for the parameters of the mass player, so it requires involvement and tactical team thinking.

You should try Left 4 Dead 2 if you:

  • love competitive shooters in a "players vs. environment" format;
  • can invite one to three friends to the game to have a fun and dynamic evening;
  • if you like zombie-themed games;
  • prefer spacious interactive arenas in online games;
  • do not mind a significant presence of horror elements;
  • want to learn how to play cooperative action games well.

Left 4 Dead 2 has long ago earned its classic status, and quite deservedly so. It's a great project that is still supported by developers and fans, has an "ideological successor" and can attract players online even so many years after its release.

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