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The Far Cry series went through very different periods of appreciation from players and critics, but all of its numbered parts were commercially successful, as well as most of the addons. But to get the same "popular" love as Far Cry 3, even the super-successful fifth part could not - and there are objective reasons for that.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Stunning open world
  • Each player creates their own adventure
  • Charismatic heroes and villains
  • The game can be played in multiplayer mode, up to 4 players
  • Shared storyline
  • Some repetition of speech

More about Far Cry 3

First of all, the threequel features a main character and the allocation of the main storyline to him in general. In subsequent parts of the series, the character will be the player himself, which significantly reduces the narrative intensity and the overall player interest in the story.

It is the combination of the classic "nothing extra" gameplay and great storyline that made Far Cry 3 such a beloved story. Also this game definitively "solidified" some gameplay elements in the series - hunting, inspecting towers and capturing outposts. Despite the fact that not all players liked them, the pluses of this part far exceeded the minuses, so the project went into the list of golden classics.

The advantages of the game:

  • Large and colorful open world. At the disposal of the player a whole island, filled with mysterious places, hostile fortifications and just picturesque corners of tropical nature. Already here Ubisoft's environment designers have shown all their talents.
  • Live environment. Aggressive bandits and animals, as well as parkour elements await the player on the island. The world is interesting to explore, as well as to perform in it the most different tasks - from perfectly choreographed plot to minor, added to test the skills of the player.
  • A variety of weapons and vehicles, pumping. The player's arsenal in Far Cry 3 will always be a lot of different types of weapons - you can further customize and decorate them. You can't change cars, but the fleet is quite extensive, easy and realistic to control. There are also three branches of progression, indicating skill sets for different styles of play.
  • Fascinating plot with a lot of dramatic and action moments. Far Cry 3 has been called the most story-filled part of the series and it really is - the subsequent installments have not paid as much attention to the story and sometimes the setting.
  • The gameplay is brisk and challenging. The game has several difficulty types and on the latter, the project offers a challenge for those players who have been playing first-person shooters for quite some time. For those who want to hone their skills as best as possible, there is even a post-story mode in the game.

This game is perfect for those, who want to have story adventure with inherent elements of such games, but have no time or desire to go deep into any universe. Far Cry 3 has no storyline connected with the next parts of the franchise, as well as with the previous ones.

The game's release date of 2012 doesn't feel like it at all. The world looks attractive and modern, and almost all the mechanics are intuitively familiar to the player - hence there are new fans of the game that is almost ten years old. Fans of the series deservedly call Far Cry 3 the best in the series, and many people outside the fan community played it only in the threequel, and they are glad that they found time for this accepted masterpiece.

You should play Far Cry 3 if you:

  • love narrative action games and try not to miss games in this genre;
  • aren't afraid of the game's mechanics from the 2010's - in fact everything has been corrected or adapted by the developers long time ago;
  • want a positive experience in terms of exploring the environment - there is hunting, the ability to use a variety of weapons for elimination, as well as stealth.

If you have ever played Far Cry games and passed them, then you will definitely like the trquel of the famous series from the first minutes.

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