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Until recently, Onmyoji was only available on Android smartphones, but now the game is also available on PC. There are many pluses in the port - for example, the graphics and detailing have been improved - now players can spend even more time on customization and other aspects of their character's appearance.

Speaking of characters - there are really a lot of them here and they are created within the original universe. All of them are perfectly drawn (quality design in the best Japanese tradition) and animated, there is a minimal voiceover. Each character is pumped and equipped separately, and the matches are team-based.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Vivid graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Nonlinear story
  • Lot of quests
  • The possibility of cooperative passing
  • Donate

More about Onmyoji

Onmyoji is not only a role-playing strategy game, but also a collectible game - that is, one of the direct tasks of the player is to strive to collect all possible characters. And this aspect is no less fascinating than the combat process itself and the story and visual elements. Such features are almost always followed by donation arbitrariness in the project, but this does not happen here. Donation can only affect the appearance of the character and slightly accelerate the development of characters - you can not replace the money skill, which attracts to the project hardcore players and interested in collecting.

The advantages of the game:

  • Great design. This anime-styled collectible game uses not only the external notes of Japanese culture, but weaves them much deeper into the game. Fans of Japanese myths and legends about spirits and demons will find many nice references to the topic of interest here.
  • Well-balanced gameplay. The main essence of the game is the development of characters and collecting them, but at the same time combat mechanics are not ignored and receive regular balance edits.
  • High developer activity. Most conditional free-to-play projects are actively supported only in the first few months after release, after which the game slowly fades away along with intrigued fans. Onmyoji has regular content additions, both through seasonal updates and through event events.
  • Plot Elements. Often, no resources - neither material nor developer time - are allocated to the story in games like this. But in Onmyoji there is a story, and it is not just represented by a direct storyline. Each character is part of the story and you can learn more about him in the process of pumping. There are also elaborate additional tasks, which is a great rarity.

As a collectible game Onmyoji can attract the fact that the rest of the game also have resources - this is why the project feels like a full-fledged game and not just a way to get more money for skins and boosters.

The developers don't forget about their audience for a month. Onmyoji constantly holds some events, which, unfortunately, are not always convenient for players from Russia and the CIS, as held at night (during the day on Japanese time). Also, some may stop at least the lack of Russian subtitles, but you need a very low level of English for perception.

You should try Onmyoji if you:

  • are a fan of "gacha games" and just looking for a new such project;
  • appreciate the quality of execution of all game elements;
  • are fond of Japanese culture or at least interested in it;
  • consider the absence of unfair doughnutting to be fundamentally important;
  • like regular content updates and daily events;
  • look first and foremost at character designs and origins in collectible games.

Onmyoji may become your first game in this genre, or it may replace another project, which prioritized donation and deliberate slowdown of pumping.

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