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The Angry Birds series has always been about arcade physics and spatial puzzles - it's the core gameplay of the series and the thing that made it famous. But the more popular the game's universe became and the more media products it contained, the more often the developers and publishers thought about expanding their product in terms of genres.

And so appeared Angry Birds Epic. Her release came at the peak of popularity of turn-based role-playing games with a collection system. The project can start playing as longtime fans of Angry Birds, and beginners who are not very interested in arcade puzzles.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Turn-based combat system
  • Easy controls
  • Assemble a squad with your old friends the Angry Birds
  • Collect rare weapons and armor sets
  • Unlock new classes and combine them with other birds
  • Take part in PvP mode
  • Donate

  • The same birds

More about Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic brought many new fans to the Angry Birds universe - not only because of the original idea at the time, but also because of the quality of execution. Since all the products coming out under this brand had to be of very high quality, Epic allocated enough money for the spin-off. The game turned out to be varied, bright, fun and giving a challange to players who want it.

Benefits of the game:

Multiplayer mode. Turn-based gameplay that mimics tabletop RPGs and part strategy is interesting on its own, but it is given special weight by competition with other players. Competition mode is designed so that you can always find an opponent, but there are also story missions, where his role is performed by the computer.
Donat - not a hindrance. Many players are annoyed by free-to-play donation, but in Angry Birds Epic you can play without money investments. If you don't want to spend money on characters and equipment, the game won't make you change your mind with artificial limitations and too slow progress.
Recognizable Images. For those who are unfamiliar with the Angry Birds universe (unlikely though it is), the game will be a bright and colorful RPG with cute humor, but for a fan of the series it is a treasure trove of plot references, familiar characters and beloved jokes.
Tangible Progression. A sense of progression is one of the reasons players enjoy spending time in games like Angry Birds Epic. Any player will enjoy constantly upgrading their combat abilities by collecting and earning unique gear and armor.
Lots of content. Angry Birds Epic has been popular for over 6 years - during this time, several times more content has been added to the game in the form of updates and patches than there was originally. For the newcomer who just started playing, there will be plenty to do for weeks to come - all with a steady online experience.

Despite the release date, Angry Birds Epic is still popular. This is due to the quality of the project, the updates, and access to it on all platforms. If you want to play it using your device on Windows, you will still need a connection to the network on a regular basis. In exchange for this possible inconvenience, you'll get all the benefits of playing on a computer or laptop - convenience and advanced control options.

You should try Angry Birds Epic if you:

  • love turn-based tactical RPGs in the "old school" spirit, but with a new design;
  • are a fan of Angry Birds series and you are always glad to see your favorite characters in unusual projects;
  • love not only the story modes in such games, but also network battles with other players;
  • enjoy collecting in-game items - in the game you can collect rare sets and defeat your opponents almost effortlessly;
  • prefer a fun and moderately easy game.

With Angry Birds Epic the developers noticeably refreshed the series and attracted the fans of turn-based genres, so if the original gameplay seems to be ordinary to you, try a new one.

12 votes3.3

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