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In the "Soulslike" sub-genre, borrowing is not a bad thing - on the contrary, it is a tribute to the original series. Nioh 2, like its predecessor, relies on completely different principles of plot and combat system.

Despite the variety of weapons and ways to deal with enemies, they all have a distinct Japanese flavor. This approach is practiced by another, more successful project Sekiro, but the unique approach of the Nioh 2 series is the emphasis on the heroic and mythological side of the setting of feudal Japan, in particular - the era of the Samurai.


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Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Good graphics
  • Exciting storyline
  • Character customization
  • Combat system
  • Rather complicated

More about Nioh 2

Where most sub-genre games try to match the bleak tone of the main DS series, Nioh 2 continues to develop a completely different direction. The game has a lot of colors, bright moments, mythological insertions - often the project is similar to the anime adaptation of the Japanese epic. Such identity can not help but attract - the player is in the setting of a fairy tale, coupled with the most eerie legend. Will please the project and fans of Japanese culture in the present, not alternative world. The creators - a Japanese studio, so the absence of logical and factual errors, as well as respect for the original sources are guaranteed.

The advantages of the game:

  • Attractive setting of ancient Japan. In addition to the fact that the game reflects Japan in detail and with all possible love the time of the ancient Samurai eras, it is also seasoned with the richness of Japanese mythology.
  • Bright colors and beautiful effects. Nioh 2 was released quite recently and differs from its predecessor by several times. Where in the first game there was no opportunity to implement a riot of colors, in the second everything is in place - there are no restrictions.
  • Features of the Japanese game. Fans of games from the land of the rising sun know that projects from there are special. Some of these features have acquired and Nioh 2, even in comparison with the previous part there are a lot of them. Japanese folklore characters, beautiful weapons and equipment, giant bosses and very diverse enemies - that's what you need if you like a beautiful spectacle with a national coloring.
  • Complete adherence to the canons of the sub-genre in difficulty. If you've played a single Soulslide game, you know that difficulty has nothing to do with gaming conventions. All games in this sub-genre operate on a simple principle - it's not the character who learns, but the player. All of this is implemented here at the highest level.
  • Fascinating plot. Like most Japanese games Nioh 2 is long - for most players it's an impressive plus - more playing hours means more experience and time to figure out the combat.

First of all, pay attention to Nioh 2 is worth of those who liked the first part. The second part follows the rule of a good sequel - a similar experience, but bigger and more varied, with some new mechanics and more content. If you liked the experience of the original Nioh, you will definitely like its sequel.

You should try Nioh 2 if you:

  • love the setting of pseudo-historical mythical Japan of the Middle Ages and stories of samurai warriors;
  • have experience in Soulslayer games - otherwise, it's better to start with the first one;
  • don't mind a large variety of enemies, each of which must be approached;
  • are ready to learn the game mechanics and use them as much as possible - so the passage will be easier and more diverse.

Nioh 2 is not very good for acquaintance with the sub-genre - it can be overloaded with details and content in some places, it combines a lot of mechanics. A beginner is better to choose something simpler, and a seasoned fan of the challange - take up the game quickly.

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