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Unprecedented quality and a huge amount of content is the quickest answer to this question. Genshin Impact cannot be called strictly a mobile game, as it is now available on all current platforms. On PC the project has gained huge popularity and the number of users on Windows is steadily catching up with the mobile audience.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Huge open world
  • Quality graphics and an unreal amount of beautiful landscapes
  • Addictive gameplay, puzzles and a lot of interesting missions
  • Lots of interesting characters
  • Great music
  • Cross platform online mode
  • Unclear scoring system
  • Small settings

More about Genshin Impact

At first glance Genshin Impact is hard to believe that this game is distributed for free. The level of quality of the project is comparable to games in the Japanese and Chinese B-market, and sometimes AAA. The player can access the project and fully pass its story campaign - the released episodes, without resorting to donation, if he does not have such a desire.

Like any other modern MMO game, Genshin Impact has many types of in-game items, currency and consumables that can be bought with real money. However, it is possible to enjoy the open world, pass the story campaign, unlock and level up characters without monetary investments. The main items in the in-game store are cosmetic items.

The advantages of the game:

  • Stunning visuals. Bright and juicy picture with rich colors, high-quality animation and super detailed character design, even minor characters. You can appreciate how the game, being completely free, looks from the first minutes - in the gameplay itself and in the perfectly designed cutscenes.
  • Full voice acting. Voiced not only the characters, but also the surrounding world - all by the standards of major single-player projects.
  • Large selection of characters. This is one of the main features of Genshin Impact. At the beginning the player is given to choose his first protagonist, and later, during the game, he will discover more and more fully playable characters, which is conditioned by the story.
  • Impressive Pumping. There is endless potential for character development in Genshin Impact. Each of the characters needs to be pumped and equipped separately - perfect for gaming perfectionists.
  • Lots of content. Even now a lot of content is available in the game - large locations, characters, quests, equipment. The developers assure that this is only a small part of the game and in the future it will grow to much larger proportions.
  • Gentle donation. Genshin Impact has a game store and you can buy timeshavers there. But even without them you can play with a rather high level of comfort - after all, the developer's priority is to attract as many players to the project as possible.

Looking back at all these advantages, it is obvious why Genshin Impact has gained such phenomenal popularity. The project is not expected to lose relevance regardless of the length of its development - the players' credit of trust has already been written off.

You should try Genshin Impact if you:

  • don't have anything against conditional free-to-play games;
  • love anime stylistics and the projects that are made in it;
  • enjoy collecting and "gaming perfectionism" - there are more than 10 categories of equipment items for this purpose;
  • like classic Japanese anime plots and the artistic techniques used in them;
  • are ready to spend a lot of time pumping your character and learning his skills (all heroes have dramatically different).

Perhaps Genshin Impact is your dream game, realized through a large investment just recently. The only way to find out for sure is to try it.

10 votes4.3

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