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If you like big game worlds with freedom of action, then Black Desert game from PearlAbyss studio from South Korea might be interesting for you. The developers tried to do their best to make the player wasn't limited by anything and had a great freedom of action in this game and they succeeded. You can download Black Desert from our web-resource at any time.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Dynamic battles with a non-targeting system and combo attacks
  • Built-in character editor with unique appearance
  • Realistic weather changes in every location
  • Single game
  • Moving around the game on pets
  • Some "slowness" is allowed on relatively weak computers

More about Black Desert

The main character of the game is a traveler, who falls under the influence of a mysterious creature called Black Spirit. What is this dark spirit is unknown. Information about it can only be obtained in the course of the storyline.


The game's strong point is the excellent graphics. In this case, the system requirements for Black Desert are relatively low. The main feature of the graphics is a very high detail. Indeed, many of the items from the world around very well detailed, so often look very realistic. The game also enjoys very beautiful scenery, so players who love to explore virtual worlds will have a real pleasure in playing Black Desert.


MMORPG Black Desert world is very big. It includes a variety of climatic zones. It has a large number of all sorts of characters, monsters, objects, locations and more.


Combat system on the one hand is fairly simple on the other hand pleases with several interesting and original solutions. An important feature of the game is PVP and turf wars. Indeed, the control of territory gives many advantages, so players want to have as much land under their control as possible.

All sorts of turf battles are very common in the game, such as sieges of castles and cities. Often such events look extremely spectacular.

The magic system is also a pleasant surprise. The player has a large number of magic spells, which can be pumped and make stronger and more dangerous to enemies.

What you can do in Black Desert

In Black Desert a lot of different actions are available, in this regard the game is very diverse. For example, a player can become a farmer or engaged in production. These activities can bring him a good income. In addition, he can concentrate on research, engage in trade, become a fisherman or hunter, as well as try a number of other professions.

The main advantages

Of the above, we can highlight the main strengths of Black Desert, which include:

  • Graphics of high quality and a large open world with different climatic zones and a lot of interesting locations.
  • Not a bad combat system, PVP, battles for territory, magic.
  • Large selection of all sorts of weapons, armor, amulets and other game items somehow affect the skills of the game character.
  • Full freedom of action for the player, the player can do almost anything he wants.

You can download MMORPG Black Desert from our website and see for yourself all the advantages of this popular computer game.

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