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Dragon Age: Origins for Windows - what is this game? Is it worth going through it and where can I download it?


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • interesting story
  • a large number of locations
  • a unique and very successful combat system that allows you to increase the hero's team efficiency by cooperative action and stimulates the development of each partner
  • a lot of characters with a well developed image and character
  • a large number of side quests that allow you to get to know the game world better, as well as earn experience points and trophies
  • the player's choice changes the history of the game world
  • A lot of unnecessary, long, but useless dialogues
  • Bad life simulation - many NPS do not react to the events around them, even if it is a bloody battle
  • For fans of high-quality graphics the image may seem outdated

More about Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a third-person RPG for Windows (and a number of other platforms). The game was developed by BioWare in 2009.

Story, gameplay and system requirements

The game is set in the "dark fantasy" genre. The plot unfolds in the kingdom of Ferelden, riven by political contradictions in the face of the invasion of "darkness spawns". The main character, having joined the Order of the Grey Guardians and gathered a team of associates, must unite the warring forces of Ferelden, defeat the creatures of darkness and kill their leader - the dragon Archidemon.

Gameplay is generally standard for such games. The player can choose the gender of his character, his race (human, dwarf, elf), class (warrior, mage, brigand) and appearance. In the course of the game he earns experience points, which he spends to improve the characteristics. You can also, choosing different ways to solve quests and different lines in dialogues, create an image of a noble knight or a cynic for your hero. The hero can have up to three companions. Different actions of the protagonist can increase or decrease the level of their loyalty to their leader. But the combat system of Dragon Age: Origins game stands out. During the combat the player can switch between the characters, put the game on pause and give the commands to his companions. But most importantly - you can set up in advance the actions of companions, which they will perform under certain conditions (for example, if the health of the main character is less than 50% - come to his aid). For such combined actions additional experience points are added. Such tactical tricks make the battle much more interesting than the traditional RPG "calling" enemies with the mouse, and facilitate the management of the party. In addition, this system encourages you to carefully pump each character's skills and equipment.

The minimum system requirements are a 1.8 GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, a video card with 256 MB of memory, 20 GB of free disk space. Recommended - 2.4 GHz processor, 3 GB of RAM, 512 MB video card.

Overall, the game is successful and interesting. If anyone wants to make sure, they can download Dragon Age: Origins online, such as at ODVme.com, and set out to save Ferelden.

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