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Apex Legends is a fairly popular game in 2021, it ranks 5th in terms of active players on Steam. The developers continue to develop and improve the game. Various promotions and in-game events are regularly held. In addition to the main "battle royal" mode, there are "Arenas". Matches in them are held in a 3x3 format, for 2 teams. Groups fight for several rounds - up to 8, until the winner is determined.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Heroes from Titanfall
  • Battle skips and three-month seasons
  • Massive battles with up to 60 players
  • Ability to create three-player squads
  • Ability to heal and revive players
  • Different heroes with their own specific skills
  • Donate
  • Bugs

More about Apex Legends

The game has many of the classic "battle royale" mechanics. The general scenario of matches is the same as that of PUBG, Fortnite, and other representatives of the genre.

Apex Legends is similar to other "battle royal" games:

  • You land on the map from the air.
  • You have to search for gear and weapons.
  • The battlefield gets smaller over time.
  • The only team left alive at the end of the match wins.

However, without significant differences from other games, Apex Legends would not have gained such popularity.

Game features:

  • Shooter-based combat mechanics.
  • Fantastic, but not cartoonish design.
  • Very high paced movement and combat interaction.
  • Active incorporation of the vertical plane into gameplay.
  • Team play only, 3 players each.
  • Set of ready-made character classes, each with individual features.

Additional nuances of the game include multiplatform, the need to create an EA account to play, and a high threshold of entry, due to the player's demanding skill set.

A total of 18 unique characters are available in the game, which are called "legends" here. Each legend has a set of unique skills, many of which are designed to be used in a team. Different characters can both deal damage to the enemy and work as support - to heal, protect or improve the skills of your comrades. For each match, you can choose a new character. Trying all you can choose your favorite and have to specialize in the game for him. Developers are constantly adjusting the balance of legends skills, so that the "strongest" if and arise, but not for long.

For the "battle royale" matches, there are 4 large maps. For the much smaller "Arenas" there are 4 plus 3 that change every few weeks. The maps are regularly reviewed and supplemented by the developers. In different patches on them can change the loot, elements of geography and routes of movement.

The disadvantages of the game usually include not too good optimization, a noticeable number of bugs and not too pleasant for most colors.

Who will like Apex Legends? Fans of fast, dynamic combat. Those who are in the mood for a long term improvement of their gaming skill. Players with friends who like joint adventures. The game may also appeal to fans of high-tech futuristic design with cyberpunk elements. If playing in a team is annoying and moving too fast on the map strains your eyes or head, then Apex Legends is better not to try.

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