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If you're into computer games, you've probably come across such a genre as battle royale. In this article you will find the rating of the best battle royal games for Windows.

With games in the royal battle genre, you can have a great rest, have fun, and at the same time feel like a mighty warrior, wizard, king and other characters. These games are very colorful, bright, good graphics. They can fight with enemies, conquer new lands, create different characters to your liking, architectural structures and even entire kingdoms, use magic spells, to pump their abilities.

Basically, the functionality of such games include:

  • The ability to create and choose different characters, change appearance, gender, age;
  • battles, battles, conquest of new territories, the ability to pump abilities;
  • magic abilities with the possibility of pumping, as well as specific skills;
  • the construction of houses and various buildings.

Check out our rating of games in the genre battle royal for Windows! Download them to your computer and try to play each game, you will have a great time with them!

All Royal Battles in rating

You can often find such definitions of the Fortnite genre as a sandbox and survival simulator. But the game has become a true cultural phenomenon, primarily because of its "battle royale" mode. It has other activity options as well. These include additional modes to the Battle Royale - Royal Party and Creative Mode.

The King's Party is a special zone in the game where there are no battles or builds. Here you can relax, chat with other players and play peaceful mini-games. In Creative mode, the player can create their own maps for activities and open them for matches. There is a paid PvE-mode - "Battle of the Storm". Additionally, Epic Games regularly introduces temporary challenges. Passing them, you can get the same experience as in the main activities.


    • Addictive gameplay
    • Cross-platform
    • Comprehensible gameplay
    • Accessibility, good optimization
    • Interesting battles
    • Excellent construction element


    • Bugs
    • Getting skins only for a donation

Apex Legends is a fairly popular game in 2021, it ranks 5th in terms of active players on Steam. The developers continue to develop and improve the game. Various promotions and in-game events are regularly held. In addition to the main "battle royal" mode, there are "Arenas". Matches in them are held in a 3x3 format, for 2 teams. Groups fight for several rounds - up to 8, until the winner is determined.


    • Heroes from Titanfall
    • Battle skips and three-month seasons
    • Massive battles with up to 60 players
    • Ability to create three-player squads
    • Ability to heal and revive players
    • Different heroes with their own specific skills


    • Donate
    • Bugs