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League of Legends is about 12 years old - only a very high-quality project, sincerely loved by the players, can withstand such a period in a state of relevance. League of Legends community consists not only of "veterans" who have gone through all the stages of its development with their favorite game, but also of newcomers who come thanks to the loyal audience of the project and relatively low entry threshold.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Qualitative and beautiful graphics
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay
  • Ability to develop different skills of your character
  • Stable internet connection required

  • Player behavior can be negative

More about League of Legends

Starting to play League of Legends is easy - as easy as it is possible in such a complex and complex genre as MOBA. The main advantage of the game is rightly considered to be the excellent balance. Thanks to it the gameplay is very honest and does not have any hidden rules. This is not surprising - poorly balanced, and therefore not suitable for long-term tactics game would never become a cyber sports discipline.

Despite its age, League of Legends is great to play and for modern players - because the genre since its inception, has not changed much. Stylish and minimalist drawings make the project almost immortal by the standards of the game industry, especially since the developers hold the interest of the player with very different tricks.

The benefits of the game:

  • A path to cyber sports. Even if you've never played MOBA and League of Legends in particular before, you have every chance to learn, make up your own tactics and reach the level of some local competitions - if you want to, of course.
  • A huge selection of heroes. As with all MOBA games, there's a large assortment of heroes to play as. It's not just a set of skins - each of them will have to think of separate tactics that are effective within their abilities. This number of characters makes the game one of the largest in terms of content.
  • Serious attitude to the lore and stories of the characters. The creators of League of Legends decided to add a broad and thoughtful story to their game - it is expressed in the cinematic clips that are regularly made for the game, and in related media products (series, other games, etc.). The decision was the right one - most of the audience stays with the game because they've imbibed its world.
  • Great gameplay and balance. Learning how to play League of Legends will teach you how to play MOBA. It's a great choice for mastering the genre. If you have never played such games, don't worry - your first experience in LOL will be the easiest one possible.
  • Friendly community. Even in your first clumsy matches you will meet mostly those who would like to teach you the mechanics - for different reasons the players loyal to newcomers gathered around the game. Perhaps that's why there's always a steady stream of them in the project for a game that's 12 years old.

You can deduce an entertaining paradox - one of the oldest MOBA in the gaming industry is perfect for a newcomer. The game is very likely to help you, suggest the best techniques for beginners, and maybe even invite you to join the team without a tedious probationary period. It's a pleasure to learn in this environment.

You should play League of Legends if you:

  • want to learn about the origins of the MOBA genre;
  • would like to learn how to play MOBA games - maybe even at a professional level;
  • are interested in games with a great story and characters;
  • like balance and fair gameplay in games;
  • would like to make in the "virtual" more new friends to play in a team.

Also there is always a pleasant background noise around League of Legends - new videos, new projects in LOL universe and other events that will not leave you without content on your favorite game.

12 votes3.7

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