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In fact, there are a lot of MOBA arenas coming out, but most of them get lost in time almost immediately after release. This is because the niche is already occupied by strong competitors, but also because it is a very difficult task to develop a quality world and make many characters interesting and different from each other.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Simple gameplay
  • Ability to develop different skills of your character
  • There are a lot of modes

More about Smite

In creating SMITE, its developers cleverly skipped over this stage. Its characters are famous and not so famous deities. The idea is simple and ingenious at the same time - most ancient deities have a ready list of abilities and combat skills, it was only necessary to adapt them correctly.

The resources freed from thinking up images were used for their intended purpose - SMITE is one of the few MOBA that uses a third-person view. This approach immediately makes it more spectacular and attracts players who don't want to enter the genre because of the isometrics that are the norm for multiplayer combat arenas. Combined with a unique setting and the ability to play as many famous characters from a variety of media and get the loyalty of players to SMITE. Moreover - the project is constantly evolving.

The advantages of the game:

  • Exciting third-person battles. If you did not like the game-MOBA because of the view from above, SMITE can change your mind. Everything here is just like a normal modern action game - except for the stylized graphics, which are used as an element of the game's unique image and as a means of saving resources at the same time.
  • Real gods at your disposal. SMITE developers took care of the cultural image of the deities used in their game. Most of the battles involve representatives of ancient pagan pantheons, as the combat abilities of such creatures are described in ancient myths in great detail.
  • A fascinating and balanced combat process. The creators of the game did a great job - they combined unique deity characters with very different abilities in one combat system. It is not easy to strike a balance with so many conventions, but the team pulled it off. Whichever character you choose, with good tactics you can win and have fun.
  • Constant development of the project. SMITE came out in 2015, which makes it far from being a fresh novelty, but constant updates keep the project afloat and ensure not only the interest of a loyal audience, but also attracting a new one. Updates include new characters, constant balance tweaks, and other improvements, just like in a model MOBA.

You've probably thought more than once about which of the famous gods could defeat the other if there was a conflict between them. SMITE is the literal, beautiful and perfectly executed technical realization of this idea. Now the project can offer more than 100 ancient deities as playable characters. The gameplay for each of them will differ significantly.

You should play SMITE if you:

  • are into mythology and find folklore stories interesting - sometimes even more so than modern epics;
  • have always wanted a third-person, action-packed MOBA;
  • prefer games with a stable but balanced combat system;
  • love epic experiences and fast, aggressive matches with real-life opponents;
  • Stay in games for the long haul - SMITE offers frequent upgrades and regular improvements to favorite game mechanics.

SMITE is a unique MOBA that, while failing to garner an audience of titans of the genre like Dota 2 or LOL, holds the bar well.

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