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The MOBA genre is one of the most popular genres in the category of online games. This genre it is limited to confrontation teams in a 5x5 format and three additional lines. Rating introduces players to both the classics of the genre of these games, as well as atypical projects. This can be and shooters with the heroes and combat battles in the form of "wall-to-wall.

Dota 2 is a cult game, the heir of which is considered a user card of the same name. The main goal is to destroy the enemy's building, called "Tron". Basic functionality: good voice acting and stunning graphics, a huge number of game characters, exciting gameplay and level up all the characters.

League of Legends is the best game of all time. The goal is to reach the base and destroy the main building - the nexus. Key features: the "5 on 5" and "3 on 3" battles with live players, a unique entourage and cool graphics and complete independence from donations.

Smite is a typical moba app. It was born in 2014. The goal is to break through the defense and destroy the main enemy Titan. All the features of this genre game - defense towers, "creeps", allied and enemy bases. Recommended to all fans without exception.

All MOBA in rating

League of Legends is about 12 years old - only a very high-quality project, sincerely loved by the players, can withstand such a period in a state of relevance. League of Legends community consists not only of "veterans" who have gone through all the stages of its development with their favorite game, but also of newcomers who come thanks to the loyal audience of the project and relatively low entry threshold.


    • Qualitative and beautiful graphics
    • Nice soundtrack
    • Addictive and dynamic gameplay
    • Ability to develop different skills of your character


    • Stable internet connection required

    • Player behavior can be negative

Dota 2 can be treated in different ways. Someone in principle dislikes MOUA, because they do not like the genre, despite the quality, but the project has an active and constantly updated audience - this suggests that the bar of quality over the years has not only fallen, but also risen.


    • Dynamic and exciting gameplay
    • Multiplayer with other gamers
    • Convenient tips from the first level
    • Unique abilities for each character


    • You can run the full version of the game Dota only with the Steam client

Blizzard has created many game universes, legendary characters, and stories, but until 2015 it had not created its own MOBA with a free-to-play model. Heroes of the Storm began to gain popularity as soon as it appeared, but not only because of the opportunity to look at beloved characters once again.

The studio decided not to create another typical MOBA. Of course Heroes of the Storm follows approximately the same canons of gameplay as the other games in the genre, but not without its peculiarities. For example, the main unit here is a team, not a specific hero - the level of the group rises as you level up. To the players do not get bored, supported by many modes, including training with individual.


    • Quality graphics
    • Interesting modes
    • Unusual maps
    • Plenty of characters from our favorite universe
    • Great game optimization


    • Donate

Famous game studio Blizzard Entertainment has released more than one popular game. Overwatch is one of its best franchises, it is played by millions of players around the world. The game is distinguished by bright and memorable graphics, excellent balance, dynamics and a number of other features. You can see for yourself if you decide to download the game from our website.


    • Great gameplay
    • Many different heroes
    • Multiplayer
    • Intense first person shooter
    • Satisfying ultimate attacks


    • Low tick rate on fast player servers

Paladins is a team shooter with strategy elements. The action takes place in a colorful fantasy world. The player is waiting for a meeting with dwarves, dragons, mystical elves. The action takes place in first person. The best part - you don't have to pay anything to take part. Everything that affects the quality of the process is purchased for in-game currency.


    • Awesome graphics and soundtrack
    • Great choice of heroes and items
    • Strongly marked tactical and strategic component
    • Regular power-ups
    • Ranked Matches
    • The ability to play with friends


    • You need a high speed internet connection to play well

Critical vision problems are quite common. A small percentage of those born with these factors suffer from them, as well as all those who are waiting for recovery and rehabilitation after trauma - there are a lot of them on the contrary. Full rehabilitation of vision in, for example, a chemical burn may take several months, or it may take a couple of weeks, on a case-by-case basis.


    • More than 20 types of ships
    • Regular promotions and in-game events (events) add variety to the game
    • 6 game races
    • 4 universes
    • Entertainment Client

In fact, there are a lot of MOBA arenas coming out, but most of them get lost in time almost immediately after release. This is because the niche is already occupied by strong competitors, but also because it is a very difficult task to develop a quality world and make many characters interesting and different from each other.


    • Great graphics
    • Simple gameplay
    • Ability to develop different skills of your character
    • There are a lot of modes