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In the review presented a brief description of the game Valorant. Its main advantages, similarities and differences from similar projects are considered. In the final part of the article there is a site where you can download the game.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Addictive gameplay in the best traditions of the Counter-Strike series: All game mechanics, which were borrowed from Valve, fit perfectly into the game, and unique game characters make the game even more exciting and well complicated.
  • Constant game skill progression: Since the entire gameplay is tied not only to shooting, but also to the correct and timely application of character skills, your results will steadily increase as you learn each one. In this sense, the game rightly encourages developing players by regularly increasing their rating or rank.
  • Unique Characters and Skills: Each character here is unlike any other, with its own characteristics and tactics. Studying them, trying out all the new characters is a very exciting thing to do.
  • Excellent optimization even on weak computers: While Valorant provides a very high-quality gaming experience that is comparable, for example, to playing CS:GO or Overwatch, the game is much less demanding to the iron, which for many may be a decisive argument in choosing.
  • Secondary: The game's general game mechanics, character design, and map design are all very recognizable features of competing games. It's so serious that you sometimes forget exactly what you're playing.
  • Unfamiliar shooting: aiming and shooting work differently here than in other shooters, and there is no way to tell what the difference is. So be ready that first few hours of the game you will need to get used to all its nuances.
  • Unpretentious graphics: You have to pay the price of excellent optimization by the quality of graphics: it's absurd, lacking realism on the one hand, and too realistic for its cartoonish concept on the other.

More about Valorant

The genre of online first-person shooters occupies a leading position in popularity. Among the many games, very similar at first glance, everyone can find the perfect version that combines all the best of the projects-first-person shooters. Also looking for a game like this? Meet Valorant - the promising shooter from Riot Games, the creators of the famous League of Legends.


Gameplay is a lot like CS:GO. Very similar and the general construction of maps, as well as the game economy and types of weapons. However, there are a number of differences that distinguish Valorant from its competitors.

Firstly, here you play not as a monotonous team of terrorists or special forces, in which each player is almost no different from the others, but as a group of characters (or as they are called here, agents), each of which has its own characteristics and skills. You have to find an approach to each of the characters and understand the methodology of playing for them. At the same time, all the characters are very balanced, there are no blatantly strong or weak, as is often the case in such cases.

Secondly, the special features of the characters, which are perfectly combined with the construction of maps, make the game a lot more fun and dynamic. Here you have enormous creative scope to come up with and use your own tactics and techniques.

Despite the fact that Valorant did not bring anything fundamentally new to the genre, it managed to be remembered and loved by players. Affordable and very exciting, this game may very soon, as it was with League of Legends, turn into the new most popular cyber sport discipline. And you should definitely become a part of this story, so download the game right now from ODVme.com.

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