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The game Disco Elysium is pretty close to an RPG in terms of genre. The protagonist is a policeman who has arrived in the local town to investigate a murder. He wakes up in his hotel room with memory loss, so in addition to the killer, he has to find out about his own past. It's a pretty ordinary way to immerse a man in a new world the developers invented. What follows is a rather leisurely action of exploring the world, numerous conversations with other characters, and rolling dice to trigger skills.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Interesting investigation
  • Convenient control

More about Disco Elysium

The action of the game takes place in isometric form. The visual style of the world does not pretend to be very realistic, but the drawing works for the overall atmosphere and promotes immersion. The game has many atypical decisions for the genres and the industry as a whole. Such things include:

  • a special role-playing system;
  • an abundance of text;
  • open discussion of different political regimes;
  • the absence of a combat system.

Let's talk more about these features.

The main character has 24 skills. They are divided into 4 types: physiology, motor skills, intellect and psyche. Among the skills themselves are found such as encyclopedia, empathy, electrochemistry and equilibrium. Skills create an individual character's personality and change the passing experience. The player pumps skills at will by allocating points. Skills are not just character parameters, but full participants in the game. They enter into a dialogue with the hero, give advice, argue with each other and pursue their own interests. Such internal dialogues are the most vivid and memorable part of the game.

Lots of textual information can be both good and bad. In Disco Elysium, all texts are carefully crafted and do not provide unnecessary meaningless information. They can work for atmosphere or be just a joke, but still relate to the current state of the world. There are no lengthy stories about ancient times or unnecessary rulers.

Politics are an important part of the world and investigation in the game. Different political parties are constantly fighting and discussing different social systems in the city, all of which affect the story and character. The game has a point system of following different different ideologies, and the player can actively lead the character along a particular line.

There is no separate combat system in the game. Dice rolls affect the results of the character's actions, even if he decides to shoot someone or beat up someone's face. In general, all actions are decided through rolls and comparisons with the value of skills. This, combined with the ability to save at any time, opens up the possibility of cheating. This is not very liked by some players, but the developers have left this system.

Disco Elysium will please the fans of thoughtful passing that are comfortable to read a lot. The game contains a lot of humor, references to different cultural phenomena and philosophical reasoning. Thanks to its special style and excellent scenario, the game has gained the recognition of a great number of people around the world.

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