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One of the conventions of the cyberpunk genre is the principle of "high tech - low life", which is fully respected in Observer and even taken to the point of absurdity in places. In the game's universe, humanity is depressed, society is suppressed by technology, both negative and positive, and the crime rate, despite all the security measures, is increasing.

In this project of theirs, the Bloober Team, who never make straightforward horror games, have not betrayed themselves. Observer is more of a detective thriller with horror elements. For those who like cyberpunk, the game will not seem scary at all - the emotional moments will evoke the already familiar emotions.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Great graphics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Solve difficult puzzles and go explore the mind of mentally ill slum dwellers
  • The hero has unique abilities

More about Observer

The game's plot is slightly less abstract than the horror imagery-the player will easily catch its thread, motives, and questions, but there will be very few answers. All meaningful episodes will clarify one part of the narrative and obscure another, inviting you to figure it out for yourself.

Advantages of the game:

  • Stylish design and impressive visuals. The year it was released, the game looked more than good, and the recent remaster has made it a AAA-looking project. The small locations and chamberiness of the episodes allowed the mid-budget team to make their game look very nice, which can't help but appeal.
  • Cyberpunk setting. The genre has always been popular - periodically only in tight circles, and sometimes in a wide infomercial. It is appealing because of its toughness, social references to reality, and attempts to provide answers to very difficult questions that have plagued humanity for centuries. Observer is more of a detective, but fans of the "dark future" will also be something to watch.
  • Streamlined gameplay. The search for clues, dialogs, walks through bleak locations, imbued with the spirit of the worst version of the future - that is the basis of Observer gameplay. A great option for those who would like a quiet passage with intelligently spaced adrenaline moments.
  • Almanac format. The developers made the right choice of format, based on the duration of the game. There are only a few threads from the global story, and the main transmission of thoughts the project carries out through the individual emotional stories, which works great.
  • Atmospheric minutiae. Rain, small details, original ideas, diluting the cyberpunk pillars - the authors made sure that the player is not bored or monotonous.

Even taking into account the difficulties that the player may encounter in non-obvious moments, Observer is passed in an average of 4-5 hours. This is a small project, but it makes up for its length in quality and reverence for the genre. Remake version is quite demanding to computer resources, so if you do not have a good build, you can always try the original version - in its atmosphere is invested just as much labor.

You should try Observer if you are:

  • a fan of cyberpunk universes - everything here is done by canon;
  • you like dark detective stories that are similar to neo-noir;
  • want to see as many different stories in the game as possible, explore the lore with more secondary characters;
  • value in games variability and the ability to influence events;
  • like solid adventure games which dwell on only a few of the most important themes for the sake of quality.

Observer is not its developer's most popular project, but it has received a certain success among cyberpunk fans, as well as those who love Bloober Team's approach to horror. The Observer remaster added a great deal of motivation to try it years after its release.

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