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It Takes Two is a rather daring project from Swedish developer Hazelight Studios, released in 2021 on Windows. Josef Fares created an unusual project, risking thousands of dollars of development budget. But the risk paid off and the game turned out great.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • A huge variety of game mechanics
  • The game is clearly built on the interaction of 2 players
  • A lot of built-in mini-games
  • This comedy is not as funny as we would like it to be.
  • Weak disclosure of the characters' personalities

More about It Takes Two

Games in the genre of romantic comedy, and even designed exclusively for passing in cooperative mode, does not come out often. Simple and close to everyone formula: an ironic story about a couple of people in love, who were created for each other. But by the will of fate, they become separated under rather strange circumstances. The game is based on the mechanics of a mocking and ironic comedy about two people in love. The project was so successful among the users that it was awarded as the best game of 2021.

The Kindest Cooperative Game

It Takes Two is not about fighting with enemies and survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Its plot is rather non-trivial. In general, it is the kindest game, which delivers a very important message to players about the importance and value of healthy family relationships.

The main characters in the narrative are a married couple. A husband and wife named Cody and May, living in incessant family quarrels, one day decide to divorce. Their daughter Rose is against the divorce and wants to live in a full family with her parents. Therefore she makes a wish to the magic "Book of Love" - that her parents will be transformed into puppet characters. In order to return from this appearance they will have to go through a series of difficult and funny trials. And pass them only together!

Exciting game mechanics

Level design is exquisitely designed, with smooth transitions from one task to another. The gameplay mechanics are elegant, inventive, and truly impressive. As in A Way Out, the goal of the game here is teamwork, and this is reflected in the many themes the story tells. This is an exclusively cooperative game, so you have no chance of completing it alone.

When you move to a new level in the game, the tools immediately change depending on the game mechanics. Throughout the story, players will be knights and even a real Rambo with a machine gun. In these missions will have to jointly defend against enemies.

The developers have come up with an unusual mechanics. At one point in the game the hero Cody will get a magic clock and use it to control the time to collect the broken elements of the environment and thus help his wife May to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

The finale of almost every level ends with an epic boss battle. Often you have to defeat them not just with ordinary weapons, but with ingenuity and resourcefulness. At such moments the game is even more exciting.

Fabulously beautiful levels

After starting the game in an ordinary garage, the environment quickly and unexpectedly changes the entourage of the narrative. You find yourself in the forest among wild animals, then in space. At each of these moments it's almost impossible not to marvel at the beauty of the level design. The very real magic!

Download this great cooperative game at ODVme.com.

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