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A fascinating simulator for Android with construction and city management, from a small house to an impressive metropolis with skyscrapers, club wars, crazy disasters and valuable prizes and collections for participation in the seasons.


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License Freeware
Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
Supported languages English, Russian

Pros and Cons

  • Regular updates, seasonal contests, club participation, joint wars, and resource sharing
  • Great variety of resources and created goods
  • Many different buildings: residential and administrative. Regular additions and updates to the house collection
  • Requires constant access to the Internet
  • In-game ads
  • User Agreement and User Rules must be accepted

More about Simcity Buildit

Simcity Buildit is a city-building simulator for Android from the creators of The Sims. Here, construction is closely connected to city management, providing resources and services to provide residents with the necessities, from electricity and water to entertainment and recreation.

Gameplay features

As in any similar simulator, the game starts practically from scratch: with the construction of the city hall and the first houses. For these you must immediately build a water tower and a power plant. The further on, the more residential buildings, and the more administrative services will be needed: a police station, medical facilities, a fire station and schools. Let's not forget the leisure activities of citizens: cinemas, casinos, theaters and parks. We keep an eye on the roads: they need to be upgraded in time and additional access roads need to be built. To provide the city with the necessary resources, we build factories and sell the goods we produce, we collect taxes. But here it is important to keep a balance: unhappy and unhappy residents will first be outraged, and then move to a better city, so it is important to keep track of the needs and wants of the population and respond to them in time, so that the sims were happy and satisfied, and respectively paid taxes and filled the treasury. It is important to place buildings well: residential buildings should be evenly provided with social and administrative services and away from incinerators and industrial buildings, so that the inhabitants do not suffer from smog and cinders.


But there is a rather interesting surprise for residents and the player: Dr. Wu, a lover of dangerous experiments, has settled in the city. From then on the city is hit by a variety of disasters: from meteorites to earthquakes.

But the creators of the game went further: to join the clubs and participate not only in the competition for the best prize, but also in club wars. Now it is not just your own metropolis will be under attack: the player can attack the enemy with a variety of clever disasters. His city will also come under attack in return. The most active club that strikes the enemy the most will win. As a prize, the winners receive chests with more crazy disasters and items for the next attack.

Additional Buildings and Territories

Buildings in the metropolis can not only be erected, but also made, demolish old quarters and build new ones in different styles: French, Tokyo and London quarters are available, with their own attractions. Build your own Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, etc.

The territory of the city is quite extensive, but limited. And if the player gets crowded, the neighboring regions will come to the rescue: tropical islands and northern fjords with their architectural features, resources and factories.

Seasonal events

Seasonal festive events are held regularly, by actively participating in them players can enrich their collection of unique buildings and earn valuable prizes for participation.

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