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Tales of Wind belongs to the anime genre, and the colorful, detailed graphics and variety of tasks on offer make the gameplay appealing to gamers of all ages. A clear user interface and tooltips make controlling work tools more accessible and efficient.


Pros and Cons

  • Explore the world with friends
  • Over 20 different play styles
  • Assemble an elite team and fight for the title of ace
  • Compete in PVP battles for first place
  • Travel with pets and racers
  • The graphics are not the best

More about Tales of Wind


  • at the beginning of the game it is offered to determine the class of the character, all of them have their own unique skills and characteristics;
  • a large catalog of templates to create a customized look for your character;
  • quick initial training process, which contributes to understanding the mechanics of the gameplay and raising the level of the character's status;
  • companion pets are available, which do not require maintenance, but give additional features to the character;
  • there are several categories of quests: the main ones that fully accompany the storyline and additional ones that bring the character experience, skills and game bonuses;
  • the ability to participate in PVE-battles online;
  • with increasing levels open new opportunities: love line relationships, the ability to build their own farm and growing crops, receiving magical properties;
  • availability of online chat with other gamers.

Tales of Wind will undoubtedly attract the attention of fans of the anime genre with its colorful graphics and versatile tasks throughout the gameplay.

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