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Earn to Die is a game that teaches you how to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you have an armored car and a person to help you escape, all you have to do is crush the zombies on your way to freedom!


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Compatibility Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x, Android 10.x, Android 11.x, Android 12.x, Android 13.x, Android 14.x
Supported languages English, Russian


Pros and Cons

  • Cool graphics
  • Interesting storyline
  • Realistic ragdoll physics engine
  • Lots of cars
  • Zombies!
  • No

More about Earn to Die

Earn to Die is a racing game where you have to compete not with other cars, but with the dead. There's a zombie apocalypse out there and the dead have come out into the light. To escape, you need to get to the helicopter that will take you to the island. To get to that plane, you'll have to do your best. The fact is that the zombies are not at all interested in your salvation. They will chase you and try to eat you. Luckily, you have a cool armored car at your disposal. You can use it to crush zombies, earning points for doing so.

At first your car looks like a pile of junk, but you're an experienced mechanic and over time it becomes a cool armored car designed to crush zombies. You can add nitrous oxide, a machine gun, or you can change the car to a truck or even a school bus. If you encounter a dead man, your car can slow down. To do this, you need to upgrade it.

The farther you get, the better. The more you get prizes, and for these prizes in the future is powerful to buy improvements. The game consists of several levels, which are zones with tracks. Stock of gasoline enough for a certain section of the route. Then you have to look for fuel.

The game has smooth and easy controls, cool graphics and an interesting storyline.

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